SSC CGL Tier-2 30-November-2016 Maths


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Each member of a club contributes as much rupees and as much paise as the number of members of the club. If the total contribution is Rs. 2525, then the number of members of the club is

Question 2

- The numerator of a fraction is multiple of two numbers. One of the numbers is greater than the other by 2. The greater number is smaller than the denominator by 4. If the denominator 7+C (C > -7) is a constant, then the minimum value of the fraction is

Question 3

A number when divided by the sum of 555 and 445 gives two times their difference as quotient and 30 as the remainder. The number is

Question 4

When a number x is divided by a divisor it is seen that the divisor = 4 times the quotient = double the remainder. If the remainder is 80 then the value of x is

Question 5

On dividing a certain number by 342 we get 47 as remainder. If the same number is divided by 18, what will be the remainder ?

Question 6

- The sum of three numbers is 252. If the first number is thrice the second and third
number is two-third of the first, then the second number is

Question 7

The sum of squares of three positive integers is 323. If the sum of squares of two numbers is twice the third, their product is

Question 8

The sum of three numbers is 2, the 1st number is $$\frac{1}{2}$$ times the 2nd number and the 3rd number is $$\frac{1}{4}$$ times the 2nd number. The 2nd number is

Question 9

Three numbers are in Arithmetic Progression (AP) whose sum is 30 and the product is 910. Then the greatest number in the AP is

Question 10

Simplify$$ \sqrt[3]{-2197}\times\sqrt[3]{-125}\div\sqrt[3]{\frac{27}{512}}$$

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