SSC CGL Tier-2 2010 English


In the following questions, a sentence has been given in Active Voice/Passive Voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/Active Voice that is your answer.

Question 191

Must we cut this tree ?

Question 192

You will be well looked after.

Question 193

Didn't they tell you to be here by six O'clock ?

Question 194

Don't touch this switch.

Question 195

One cannot gather grapes from thistles.

Question 196

They will have completed the workby the time we get there.

Question 197

You will have to pull down this sky-scraper as you have not complied with the town planning regulations.

Question 198

He has written a poem which fascinates every one.

Question 199

Will those happy days be ever forgotten by me ?

Question 200

You are requested to permit him.

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