SSC CGL 7 June 2019 Shift-3


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Select the figure that will come next in the following figure series.

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Question 22

Select the word-pair in which the two words are related in the same wayas are the two words in the following word pair.
Mnemonic : Memory

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Question 23

‘Judgement’ is related to ‘Deliver’ in the same way as ‘Rule’ is related to ‘.........’

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Question 24

Select the Venn diagram that best illustrates the relationship between the following classes.
Villagers, Poor Persons, Males

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Question 25

Select the figure in which the given figure is embedded.

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Question 26

The Almatti dam project on the Krishna river was an issue between which states?

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Question 27

In March 2018, Indian actress ............ was namedas the new ambassadorof the international award-winning non-profit organisation, Educate Girls.

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Question 28

The maximum numberof nominated members to Lok Sabha is ............

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Question 29

During whose reign did the Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang visit India?

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Question 30

The base financial year for the calculation of the all India Index of Industrial Production (IIP) is:

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