SSC CGL 6th Dec 2022 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

AD is the median of triangle ABC. P is the centroid of triangle ABC. If AP = 14 cm, then what is the length of PD?

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Question 72

A man lost 15% by selling a mobile for Rs.4,675. What will be his gain percentage by selling it for Rs.6,050?

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Question 73

In a College, the number of students with different majors are as follows.

Find the average number of students in each subject.

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Question 74

A wire is in the form of square with side 11 cm. It is bent to form a circle. What is the radius of the circle?

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Question 75

The table given below shows the production of beauty products by five different companies. What is the ratio of production of beauty product by A to the production of beauty product by E?

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Question 76

Select the most appropriate option that can substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If there is no need to substitute it, select ‘No substitution’.

I have reached the hotel, by the time you call me.

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Question 77

Select the most appropriate synonym of the underlined word in the given sentence.

The promises made by the old minister were fulfilled.

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Question 78

Select the word that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word in the given sentence.

He consolidated his position as the leader of the political party.

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Question 79

Sentences of a paragraph are given below in jumbled order. Arrange the sentences in the correct order to form a meaningful and coherent paragraph.
A.It is a very popular character and is the mascot for Walt Disney company.
B.Mickey generally appears with his girlfriend Minnie Mouse and pet Pluto.
C.The animated movies on Mickey mouse have been nominated for the Academy award.
D.Mickey mouse is a fictional cartoon character created by Walt Disney in 1928.

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Question 80

The following sentence has been divided into parts. One of them may contain an error.
Select the part that contains the error from the given options. If you don’t find any error, mark ‘No error’ as your answer.
The prisoner was / accused for stealing / from his landlord.

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