2017 SSC CGL 21 Aug Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

The average weight of A, B and C is 49 kg. If the average weight of A and B is 35 kg and that of B and C is 62 kg, then the weight of B (in kgs) is?

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Question 32

A shopkeeper by selling 6 items, earns a profit equal to the selling price of 1 item. What is his profit percentage?

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Question 33

What is the value of 125% of 25% of 80?

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Question 34

To cover a distance of 81 km in 1.5 hours what should be the average speed of the car in meters/second?

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Question 35

In 4 years at simple interest the principal increases by 32%. What will be the compound interest earned (in Rs) on Rs. 24,000 in 3 years at the same rate?

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Question 36

If 5/2(8x/3 - 1/2) + 13/2 = 2x/3, then what is the value of x?

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Question 37

If $$a^{3} + b^{3}$$ = 72 and ab = 8 , then what is the value of a + b?

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Question 38

Sum of four times a fraction and 7 times its reciprocal is 16. What is the fraction?

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Question 39

What is the sum of the first 11 terms of an arithmetic progression if the 3rd term is -1 and the 8th term is 19?

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Question 40

What is the reflection of the point ( -3, 2) in the line x = -2?

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