SSC CGL 21st April 2022 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 31

Adar Poonawalla launched the Clean City initiative in Pune in the year ______.

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Question 32

Who among the following became a part of the Constituent Assembly from Madras Constituency in 1946?

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Question 33

Solids like fats, grease and oil that float on top of liquid wastewater is called ______.

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Question 34

Which of the following statements was quoted by Subhash Chandra Bose?

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Question 35

In order to get clean drinking water disinfectant is used after filtration. Disinfectant, however, is NOT used for removing:

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Question 36

Gnomon is a part of _____________

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Question 37

The Vernacular Press Act of 1878 was repealed during the tenure of Viceroy ______.

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Question 38

Who among the following Indian artists won the ‘Joan Miro Prize’ for the year 2019?

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Question 39

Which of the following is more suitable than the others for the growth of cashew nut?

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Question 40

Ashokan Minor Rock Edicts are found in different parts of India. Which of the following is NOT a find spot of Ashokan Minor Rock Edicts in Karnataka?

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