SSC CGL 20th August 2021 Shift-2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Select the INCORRECTLY spelt word.

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Question 82

Select the INCORRECTLY spelt word.

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Question 83

Select the most appropriate option to substitute the underlined segment in the given sentence. If no substitution is required, select ‘No substitution’.
The herd are grazing
in the fields far away from the farmer’s hut.

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Question 84

Select the most appropriate meaning of the following idiom.
To pay lip service

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Question 85

Select the option that can be used as a one-word substitute for the given group of words.
One who supervises in an examination hall

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Question 86

Select the most appropriate synonym of the given word.

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Question 87

Select the most appropriate meaning of the following idiom.
To get the ball rolling

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Question 88

Select the option that expresses the given sentence in indirect speech.
Kamal said, “I have done my work.”

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Question 89

Sentences of a paragraph are given below in jumbled order. Arrange the sentences in the right order to form a meaningful and coherent paragraph.
A. Indeed, polymers such as regenerated cellulose, which have become familiar household materials under the trade names rayon and nylon, are also made into numerous non-fibre products, ranging from cellophane envelope windows to clear plastic soft-drink bottles.
B. The chemical compounds from which man-made fibres are produced are known as polymers, a class of compounds characterised by long, chain-like molecules of great size and molecular weight.
C. As fibres, these materials are prized for their strength, toughness, resistance to heat and mildew, and ability to hold a pressed form.
D. Many of the polymers that constitute man-made fibres are the same as or similar to compounds that make up plastics, rubbers, adhesives and surface coatings.

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Question 90

Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word.

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