SSC CGL 2013 Tier 1 21 April First Sitting


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

Thinner particles responsible for deteriorating the air-quality resulting in the damage of vital body organs are referred as PM:

Question 12

What is `Milindapanho’ ?

Question 13

Of the following, in which did Napoleonic France suffer final defeat?

Question 14

An example of protein which acts as a hormone is :

Question 15

The fat of a common mussel-secretes a sticky glue that can be used to make heart implants. The unique chemical compound present in the glue is:

Question 16

Tick the correct option of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) contributed by service sector in the past:

Question 17

Which was the first super computer purchased by India for medium range weather forecasting ?

Question 18

The study of population is called :

Question 19

Well preferred tree fossil supposed to be from Jurassic Age in India is reported

Question 20

The primary producer in an ecosystem are;

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