SSC CGL 2013 Tier 1


Directions : In these questions a sentence/ part of the sentence is bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold sentence/ part of the sentence at a, b and c which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternatives. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is d.

Question 181

Some players on the team suffer from chronic knee problems and will not play in the next playoff.


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 182

To reduce to nothing

Question 183

An obviously true or hackneyed statement

Question 184

Words inscribed on a tomb

Question 185

The act of producing beautiful handwriting using a brush or a special pen

Question 186

A word composed of the first letters of the words in a phrase.

Question 187

A person of obscure position who has gained wealth.

Question 188

A study of sounds is known as


Directions : In these questions, four words are given in each question, out of which only one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

Question 189
Question 190

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