SSC CGL 2012 Tier 1 1 July NZ Morning III


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The National Commission for Minorities was constituted in the year

Question 2

The first Indian who was chosen as the Secretary General of Commonwealth is

Question 3

In which systems of government is bicameralism an essential feature ?

Question 4

Kuldip Nayer, a journalist, was appointed as a High Commissioner in

Question 5

Which king is referred to as Devanampiya Piyadassi (Beloved of the Gods) in the inscriptions ?

Question 6

Socialism succeeds in achieving

Question 7

Monopolist resorts to price discrimination depending upon which factor?

Question 8

Economic planning is an essential feature of

Question 9

The HYV programme in India is also called as

Question 10

The National Policy for Empowerment of Women was adopted in the year

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