SSC CGL 2011 Tier 1 26 June Evening II


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The reserves held by Commercial Banks over and above the statutory minimum, with the RBI are called

Question 2

Who is authorised to issue coins in India ?

Question 3

Which four countries are called the Asian Tigers ?

Question 4

In the Budget Estimates for 2011-­12, an allocation of 300 crore has been made for promoting output of pulses in 60,000 villages in miffed areas with a view to, attaining self sufficiency in pulses in a period of

Question 5

In the budget for 2011-­12 presented by the Finance Minister on 28­-2­-2011, the growth rate for the year 2010­-11 was projected at

Question 6

The ‘break­even’ point is where

Question 7

The method of Impeachment of the President of India is adopted from

Question 8

In the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India, which languages were added subsequently in 1967 & 1992?

Question 9

Indian Parliament Means

Question 10

Generally, the soil of the northern plains of India has been formed by

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