SSC CGL 2011 Tier 1 - Shift 2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 11

In a row of trees, a tree is 7th from left end and 14the from the right end. How many trees are there in the row?

Question 12

Shan is 55 years old, Sathian is 5 years junior to Shan and 6 years senior to Balan. The youngest brother of Balan is Devan and he is 7 years junior to him. So what is the age difference between Devan and Shah?

Question 13

Vinod introduces Vishal as the son of the only brother of his father's wife. How is Vinod related to Vishal?

Question 14

There are 80 families in a small extension area. 20 per cent of these families own a car each. 50 per cent of the remaining families own a motor cycle each. How many families in that extension do not own any vehicle?

Question 15

If John celebrated his victory day on Tuesday, 5th January 1965, when will he celebrate his next victory day on the same day?

Question 16

Fiver girls M, N, O, P and Q are standing in a row. P is on the right of Q. N is on the left of Q, but is on the right of M. P is on the left of O. Who is standing on the extreme right?

Question 17

Sita is elder than Swapna. Lavanya is elder than Swapna but younger than Sita. Suvarna is younger than both Hari and Swapna, Swapna is elder than Hari. Who is the youngest?

Question 18

After 9'O clock at what time between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. will the hour and minute hands of a clock point in opposite direction?

Question 19

One evening, Raja started to walk toward the Sun. after walking a while, he turned to his right and again to his right. After walking a while, he again turned right. In which direction is he facing?

Question 20

Vivek and Ashok start from a fixed point. Vivek moves 3 km north and turns right and them covers 4 km. Ashok moves 5 km west and turns right and walks 3 km, Now he far are they apart?

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