SSC CGL 2010 Tier 1 - Shift 2


Directions :In the following questions, the 1st and the las sentences of the passage are numbered 1. and 6. The rest of the passage f split into four parts and named P, Q, and S. These four parts are not giver in their proper order. Read the sen tence and find out which of the fou combinations is correct. Then find the correct answer.

Question 181

1. The most vulnerable section of the society are the students.
P. Revolutionary and new fledged ideas have a great appeal to them.
Q. Agitations may be non-violent methods of protest.
R. They cannot resist the charm of persuasion.
S. They are to be taught that without discipline they cannot get proper education.
6. However if these become violent, the antisocial elements get encouraged and they put all proper working out of gear.

Question 182

1. Venice is a strange city.
P. There are about 400 odd bridges connecting the islands of Venice.
Q. There are no motor cars, no horses and no buses there.
R. These small islands are close to one another.
S. It is not one island but a hundred islands.
6. This is because Venice has no streets.

Question 183

1. One of the most terrible battles of the American Civil War was fought in July 1863, at Gettysburg.
P. The chief speech on that occasion was given by Edward Everett, a celebrated orator.
Q. Lincoln was asked to make a few remarks.
R. In November of that year a portion of the battlefield was dedicated as a final resting place for men of both armies who died there.
S. Everett's speech lasted 2 hours. Lincoln's for 2 minutes; it was over almost before the crowd realized that it had begun.
6. But the Gettysburg speech is now one of the world's immortal pieces of literature.

Question 184

1. The teacher training agency in England hopes to make teaching one of the top three professions.
P. They have also demanded that the campaign should be matched by improved pay scales, work load and morale so as to avoid recruitment problems with an aim to raise the image of the teaching profession.
Q. A series of advertisements are now being screened showing famous people speaking about teachers they remember and admire.
R. An amount of $100 million has been set aside to combat the shortage of applicants for teacher training.
S. Teacher Unions have welcomed this campaign.
6. It is high time for the Indian Government also to think on similar lines and take steps to lift up the sinking morale of the teaching profession.

Question 185

1. Some say that failure is like toxic waste.
P. I see failure more as a fertilizer.
Q. Thinking about it pollutes and undermines the attitudes needed for success.
R. The seeds of success must he planted afresh.
S. It can be used to enrich the soil of your mind.
6. Turning failure into a fertilizer is accomplished by using your errors as steps in learning.


Directions:In the following questions, a sentence has been given in Active Voice/Passive Voice, Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive/ Active Voice.

Question 186

The agent had disclosed the secret before it was evening.

Question 187

Surely the lost child must have been found by now.

Question 188

We serve hot meals till 10.30 guests can order, coffee and sandwiches upto 11.30.

Question 189

Lie facedown; stretch your arms in front.

Question 190

The Greeks expected to win the international trophy.

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