2017 SSC CGL 17 Aug Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

In a centrally planned economy, the ____________ plans all the important activities in the economy.

Question 2

__________ says that if we keep increasing the employment of an input, with other inputs fixed, eventually a point will be reached after which the resulting addition to output (i.e., marginal product of that input) will start falling.

Question 3

______________ means that the Supreme Court will reconsider the case and the legal issues involved in it.

Question 4

Which amendment of the Constitution of India increased the age of retirement of High Court judges from 60 to 62 years?

Question 5

During their rule the British persuaded or forced cultivators in Madras to grow __________.

Question 6

The queen with the title Didda ruled over which part of India between 980 - 1003?

Question 7

In the north-west, India shares its land boundaries with which country?

Question 8

The part of the Himalayas lying between Satluj and Kali rivers is known as ____________.

Question 9

Potato, tomato and brinjal are three different species but all belong to which genus?

Question 10

The first formed primary xylem elements are called ___________.

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