SBI PO 2005


Study the following graphs carefully and answer the questions given below:
Number of candidates appeared (In thousands) and Percentage of candidates qualified in a Competitive examination over the years


Question 81

What was the ratio between the number of candidates appeared in 1997 and the number of candidates qualified in 2004 ?

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Question 82

In which of the following years was the number of candidates qualified the lowest among the given years ?

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Question 83

What was the percentage drop in the number of candidates appeared from the year 2002 to 2003 ?

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Question 84

How many candidates qualified in the year 2002 ?

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Question 85

The number of candidates qualified in 1999 was what percentage of the number of candidates appeared in 1998?

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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 86

The area of the square of side 8 cm is equal to a rectangle. Which of the following statements/is/are definitely true about the rectangle (Sides of the rectangle are integers)?

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Question 87

In the following figure, ABC is an equilateral triangle which is inscribed inside a circle and whose radius is r. Which of the following is the area of the triangle ?

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Question 88

When a two-digit odd number is divided by a two digit even number, the quotient is 0.625. If the odd is 5 less than the even number, then which of the following will definitely be the ratio of the odd and even numbers respectively ?

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Question 89

A shopkeeper bought three varieties A, B and C of rice in different amounts at the rates of Rs. 34.50, Rs. 28.60 and Rs. 32.40 per kg respectively. In which of the following transactions he will gain maximum ?

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Question 90

Two third of one-fourth of a number is forty percent of another number. Which of the following statements is true about these numbers ?

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