RRB NTPC 28 March 2016 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

From the following which is an example of a single-celled organism?

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Question 72

A's height is 5/$$8^{th}$$ of B's height. What is the ratio of B's height to A's height?

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Question 73

Which of the following is also called Marsh Gas?

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Question 74

A man travelling by bus finds that the bus crosses 35 electric poles in 1 minute and the distance between 2 poles is 50 metres. Find the speed of the bus.

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Question 75

If AMERICA = 1734651, INDIA: = 68961, how will you write CANADA?

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Question 76

Two-thirds of children are in the age group 1-12 years. Of this, if three-fourths are in the age group of 1-8 years find the fraction of children in the age group of 9-12 years?

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Question 77

Where can you find the Golden Temple of Dambulla?

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Question 78

If COW=41, GOAT=43, then DOG=?

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Question 79

In a company 10 employees get a salary of Rs. 36,200 each and 15 employees get a salary of Rs. 33,550 each. What is the average salary per employee?

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Question 80

Ram is 4 times his son's age today. Five years hence, Ram will be thrice his son's age. Find their current ages?

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