RRB NTPC 28 March 2016 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

Meena took a car loan for Rs.275,000 from the bank. She paid an interest@ 8% p.a. and settled the account after 3 years. At the time of settlement she gave her old scooter to the bank plus Rs335,000. What price did the scooter fetch?

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Question 82

The distance between two places, A and B, is 300 km. Two riders, on scooters start simultaneously from A and B towards each other. The distance between them after 2.5hrs is 25 km. If the speed of one scooter is 10 km/hr more than the other, find the speed of each scooter in km/hr.

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Question 83

Emperor Ashoka was the successor of?

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Question 84

The dance form Kuchipudi oriainated from which part of India?

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Question 85

Who is believed to have built the Konark Temple?

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Question 86

A seven-sided polygon is called

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Question 87

Julia started walking towards North direction from her house. After a while she turned left and later on turned right. She further turned right. Which direction is she facing now?

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Question 88

Read statements 1 and 2. Also read the conclusions 3 and 4 drawn from the statements. 

1. Some birds are Donkeys.
2. All donkeys are stupid.
3. All birds are stupid.
4. Some birds are stupid.
Choose which of the conclusions are right.

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Question 89

What is the desert adjoining the Thar desert called in Pakistan?

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Question 90

If Cot A = $$\frac{12}{5}$$ then $$(Sin A + Cos A) \times Cosec$$ A is?

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