RRB NTPC 28 March 2016 Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

Science of the study of preserved remains or traces of Animals, plants, and other organisms from the remote past is called

Question 92

If $$(a^2 - b^2) \div (a + b)$$ = 25, find a - b ?

Question 93

Atomic weight of an element is compared with which of the following to get the atomic weight of that element?

Question 94

What is the shape of the Earth?

Question 95

Which two teams played the first official international cricket match?

Question 96

Which is the smallest continent?

Question 97

A man sells a table for Rs. 4200 at 25% loss. At what price must he sell to get a profit of 25%?

Question 98

As the frequency of a wave increases, what happens to its wavelength?

Question 99

A tank can be filled by two taps X and Y in 5 hrs and 10 hrs respectively while another tap Z empties the tank in 20 hrs. In how many hours can the tank be filled if all 3 taps are kept open?

Question 100

Anil bought 100 eggs at Rs.6 per egg. He sold 25 eggs at 10% profit, another 25 eggs at 25% loss and the balance 50 eggs at 20% profit. Find the overall profit or loss percent Anil made?

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