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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 241

Niraj incurred a loss of 55 per cent on selling an article for Rs. 9549. What was the cost price of the article?

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Question 242

What is the difference between the compound interest and simple interest accrued on amount of Rs. 16200 at the end of three years @ 25% ? (rounded off to two digits after decimal)

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Question 243

A 280 m long train crosses a platform thrice its length in 6 min 40 s. What is the speed of the train?

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Question 244

The area of a rectangle is equal to the area of a circle with circumference equal to 39.6 m. What is the length of the rectangle if its breadth is 4.5 m?

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Question 245

In how many different ways can the letters of the word ‘VENTURE’ be arranged?

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Question 246

In order to pass in an exam a student is required to get 780 marks out of the aggregate marks. Sonu got 728 marks and was declared failed by 5 per cent. What are the maximum aggregate marks a student can get in the examination.

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Question 247

What would be the measure of the diagonal of a square whose area is equal to 882 $$cm^{2}$$ ?

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Question 248

A man riding a bicycle, completes one lap of a circular field along its circumferences at the speed of 14.4 km/h in 1 min 28 s. What is the area of the field?

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Question 249

Harish, Dilip and Asha start running around a circular stadium and complete one round in 27 s, 9 s and 36 s respectively. In how much time will they meet again at the same point?

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Question 250

On children’s day sweets were to be equally distributed amongst 300 children. But on that particular day 50 children remained absent, hence each child got one sweet extra. How many sweets were distributed?

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