IBPS Clerk 11-Dec-2011 SZ 1st


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which of the following organisation/agencies is specifically set up to boost overall rural development in India ?

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Question 2

Which of the following States has expressed its unhappiness over the agreement on sharing of Teesla water between India and Bangladesh ? (Agreement was not signed because of the objection)

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Question 3

Banks in India are regulated under

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Question 4

Which of the following countries is a major producer of Jute ?

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Question 5

Compilation of data on industrial production in India is done by which of the following agencies /organisations ?

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Question 6

The President of India visited which of the following countries in July 2011 and held discussions with Mr. Lee Myung-hak, the President of the country ?

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Question 7

India is providing financial help to which of the following countries for building a large harbour there named as Kankasanthurai Harbour ?

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Question 8

A Savings Bank Account opened with a commercial bank with zero balance or very minimal balance is known as

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Question 9

What does the letter -12′ denote in the abbreviation ‘BR Act’ which controls banking activities in the country ?

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Question 10

‘Base Rate’ in banks is

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