SBI Clerk Numerical Test 19


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

In how many different ways can the letters of the word DAILY be arranged ?

Question 2

The simple interest accrued on an amount of Rs 84,000 at the end of three years is Rs 30,240 What would be the compound interest accrued on the same amount at the same rate in the same period ?

Question 3

A sum of money is divided among A, B, C, and D in the ratio of 2:3:7:11. If the share of C is Rs 2,755 more than the share of A then what is the total amount of money of B and D together ?

Question 4

If the fraction $$\frac{2}{55},\frac{3}{8},\frac{4}{9},\frac{5}{13},\frac{6}{11}$$ are arranged in ascending order of their values which one will be the fourth ?

Question 5

The ages of Nishi and Vinnee are in the ratio of 6:5 After 9 years the ratio of their ages will be 9:8 What is the difference in their ages ?

#NameOverall Score
3Priya Tripathi5
4Rupal Verma5
6Sona Gupta5
7Prerna Bisht5
8siva ram5
9Kuldeep Singh5
10bhargavi moola5

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