Time management tips for SBI Clerk exam 2018

SBI Clerk Time Management Tips
SBI Clerk Time Management Tips

SBI Clerk exam is just a few days away. SBI has introduced some major changes in the pattern of the prelims exam this year. In this article, let us see some SBI Clerk exam time management tips to crack the exam.

Aspirants should go through the previous year papers of SBI Clerk before starting their preparation to have some idea about the questions. SBI Clerk online preparation will prove to be handy to cover the syllabus in the limited time available. Taking SBI Clerk online mock tests will help the aspirants to beat down their mistakes before the exam.

The new pattern of the prelims exam ensures that aspirants give equal importance to all the sections while preparing. Let us see the SBI Clerk exam time management tips that one must adopt to tackle the new pattern of the prelims exam in this post.

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SBI Clerk exam time management tips for Prelims exam:

In essence, the prelims exam has become 3 twenty minute tests. Each section will have a sectional time limit of 20 minutes. Now, aspirants cannot maximise their scores in one section at the cost of the other. Therefore, it becomes imperative to do well in all the sections.

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Now, let us see how to manage the 20 minutes allotted to each section.

In English language section, start with the easier ones like cloze test and spot the errors. These questions do not consume much time and can be done within 5 minutes. After completing these questions, move on to reading comprehension and para jumbles.

In para-jumbles, mark the answer only if you are sure of the sequence. Avoid blind guessing. The same goes with RCs too. Attempt the questions that you are confident of. If the subject matter is too dense to comprehend, skip the questions you are not comfortable with. Avoid time traps. Also, if a question requires you to re-read multiple paragraphs, feel free to skip such questions.

In the reasoning section, try to solve the individual questions first. If you do not get the hang of the puzzle within a minute of reading it, skip the puzzle. Avoid getting stuck with a puzzle and redoing it. Exercise caution while solving the puzzles. Avoid making mistakes.

In the quants section, start with questions that one can solve easily like DI and approximations. Then, move on to the word problems. The motive must be the maximise the scores as much as possible.

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SBI Clerk exam time management tips for Mains exam:

Just like the prelims exam, the mains exam has sectional timings too. Therefore, the strategy for attempting the questions must be the same as that of the prelims exam. Start with the questions you are comfortable with and then move on to the tougher ones.

Do the questions in several rounds to make sure that you do not miss out on the sitters. Avoid making silly mistakes and redoing the questions.

Choose your questions wisely. Pick the questions that take the least time to be solved first. Also, make sure that you avoid the tougher questions unless the weightage is higher than other questions.

If you get stuck with a question, skip it and move on. Do not try to solve the same question again and again. Investing too much time in a question can cost a few valuable marks in the exam. Therefore, have a cut-off time for each question.

Check various strategies by applying them in the mock tests and pick the one that works the best for you. Vary the strategy in the first few mock tests. After finalizing the strategy, take a few mocks to ensure that the plan works.

Learn from the mistakes you make in the mocks. Optimize your strategy for the D-day. Make sure that your strategy is flexible enough to accommodate the surprises that the actual exam might throw at you. Tweak the strategy according to the toughness of the exam. Also, avoid making drastic changes to your strategy on the D-day.

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