How to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for SBI Clerk exam

How to prepare for quantitative aptitude for SBI Clerk exam
How to prepare for quantitative aptitude for SBI Clerk exam

SBI Clerk is one of the most sought-after exams in India. With just a few months go, aspirants must start their preparation immediately. Quantitative aptitude is one of the 3 major sections of the exam. In this article, let us see how to prepare quantitative aptitude for SBI Clerk exam.

Online preparation for SBI Clerk exam can help aspirants to accelerate the pace of the preparation. Going through the past papers of SBI Clerk will help aspirants to familiarize themselves with the types of questions that appear in the exam. Aspirants must take SBI Clerk mock tests at regular intervals to make sure that their preparation stays on track. Aspirants can also check out SBI Clerk important questions pdf for high quality questions.

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How to prepare quantitative aptitude for SBI Clerk exam ?

Quant is one of the 3 major sections in the prelims exam. The SBI Clerk 2018 quantitative aptitude section carries 35 marks in the prelims exam and 50 marks in the mains exam. From this year, SBI has decided to introduce sectional time limits in the prelims exam. In the prelims exam, the time limit is 20 minutes and the time limit is 45 minutes in the mains exam. Therefore, aspirants cannot devote more time to a particular section to score more marks. How to prepare quantitative aptitude for SBI Clerk exam is one of the most nagging questions that most of the aspirants face now.

After the change in the pattern, it has become imperative for aspirants to solve the questions faster than usual. Therefore, aspirants must make sure that they manage to strike a balance between speed and accuracy in the exam.

We can classify the questions that appear in the exam broadly into a few topics. Aspirants can go through SBI Clerk quantitative aptitude syllabus topics to know about all the topics in detail. Let us see how to tackle each of the question types below.

Number series:

Number series questions are easily the least time-consuming ones in the entire section. One can solve these questions easily if one manages to spot the pattern. Aspirants must solve a large number of number series questions so that they get themselves acquainted with as many patterns as possible. Doing so will help aspirants to spot the pattern within seconds of seeing a question.

Quadratic equations:

Usually, 5 questions appear from this topic. Again, aspirants must solve a large number of quadratic equations problems so that they can spot the roots on glancing the question.

Data interpretation:

Aspirants can expect at least one DI set to appear in the exam. Usually, 2 DI sets appear in the prelims exam. DI section does not require aspirants to memorize complex formulas. Rather, it requires aspirants to be at ease with the calculations. Therefore, aspirants must have the fraction to percentage conversion tricks and the vice versa at their fingertips to save time. Memorizing the commonly used fractions can help a great deal of time in these questions.

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Word problems:

Apart from the questions mentioned, aspirants can expect around 10 questions from other topics. Aspirants must be comfortable with the basics of concepts like time and distance, geometry, profit-loss, ratios and percentages. Aspirants can solve most of the questions from these topics using unitary methods. At times, these questions can prove to be time-consuming and hence, aspirants must exercise caution while picking up the questions to answer.

Once the basics of these topics are covered, aspirants must focus on improving the speed. With the sectional time limits in place, aspirants must try to maximize their scores in each of the sections. Therefore, aspirants must ensure that they solve a large number of questions to build their speed.

During the last few weeks, aspirants must take mock tests regularly. With every mock test, aspirants must make sure that they are picking up the right questions to be answered. Steering clear of time traps in the exam can save aspirants a few precious minutes in the exam. Also, aspirants must try out various strategies in the mocks and finalize the one that suits their style the most for the exam.

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We hope that this article on how to prepare quantitative aptitude for SBI Clerk exam would have helped you to gain some idea about how to prepare for this section.


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