How to crack SBI Clerk exam in first attempt – 2 months

How to Crack SBI Clerk in First Attempt with 2 months Preparation
How to Crack SBI Clerk in First Attempt with 2 months Preparation (1)

SBI has released the notification for recruitment of junior associates. With just 2 months to go, it is time for aspirants to kick-start their preparation. A question that plagues most of the first timers is how to crack SBI Clerk exam in first attempt. In this article, let us see how to crack SBI Clerk exam in 2 months starting from scratch.

As we SBI has recently released the change of exam dates for SBI Clerk 2018.

SBI Clerk previous year papers can help aspirants to gauge the level of questions that appear in the exam. As SBI has tweaked the pattern, it is important to take SBI Clerk mock tests to acclimatize oneself with the exam. SBI Clerk online preparation can help aspirants to improve their scores significantly in the last 2 months.

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How to crack SBI Clerk exam in first attempt?

To start with, first-timers are not at any disadvantage. With the pattern change also in place, the only advantage that a person who has taken the exam already has is the ability to cope with exam pressure. Let us see some tips on how to crack SBI Clerk exam in first attempt.

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Know the pattern:

It is important for an aspirant to be thorough with the pattern of the exam. Aspirants must go through the pattern of the exam before starting their preparation. One must check how one can optimize their preparation plan in line with the pattern of the exam.

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With the introduction of sectional timings in the prelims exam, it is clear that aspirants must focus on getting a decent score in all 3 sections. Therefore, aspirants must draft a plan such that it balances their strength and weakness. Do not leave out any section completely.

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Expert Study plan – SBI Clerk 2018

Make a list of the topics:

Go through the previous papers and make a list of the topics to prepare for. Allocate enough time to each topic. Try to have a decent understanding of all the topics. Do not skip any topic completely. The paper can have a drastic change in the weightage of topics and hence, avoid being overly dependent on selective topics.

Utilize the first month completely to have a good understanding of the basics. Solve a large number of questions so that the concepts fall into place. Conceptual clarity is of utmost importance in any exam and hence, do not skip this part. Do not give in to gimmicky shortcuts without knowing the conventional methods. Start from the basics and develop a solid understanding of how things work.

Make notes:

While preparing, make short notes so that the concepts can be revised again. Make sure that the notes remain as crisp as possible. This can be really helpful while revising the concepts between the mock tests in the later stages. Therefore, make notes diligently while preparing the topics.

Take SBI Clerk mocks:

Aspirants must dedicate the second month entirely to take mocks. Test taking is a skill that takes some time to develop unless one has taken competitive exams earlier. Therefore, take at least 15 mock tests and analyze them in the month to the exam.

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Analyze mocks:

After taking each mock test, analyze the mocks for an equal amount of time. Every mark matters in the final exam and hence, try to restrict the mistakes you make to the mocks. Check whether you are selecting the right questions to answer in the exam.

Question selection is a crucial factor in the exam. There is no incentive to select a tougher question over a simpler one. Therefore, it would be wiser to solve the easier questions first. Do the questions in 2 or 3 rounds so that you do not miss out on sitters. Avoid going through questions sequentially.

Steer clear of time traps. Certain questions can prove to be time sinks. Though they may look simple at first sight, they can send you down the vortex. Develop the ability to spot such questions and swerve when you see them. Do not let a few speed breakers to let your entire efforts go in vain.

In the week to the exam, take mocks in the same time slot as that of the exam. This practice will help to get into the groove quickly on the exam day. Hold your nerves while taking the exam. Do not let the pressure get the better of you. The time available is enough to put on a decent show even if someone is starting from a blank slate.

We hope that this article would have helped to answer some of the nagging questions like how to crack SBI Clerk exam in first attempt and how to crack the SBI Clerk exam in 2 months. To know more about the exam, try going through how to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018 and SBI Clerk expected cut off 2018 – state wise.

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