How to prepare English for SBI Clerk – Most needed Tips

how to prepare english for sbi clerk exam
English Preparation Tips for SBI Clerk

SBI Clerk exam is just a few days away. With the pattern change in place, it has become imperative to have a decent grasp of all the sections to do well in the exam. In this article, let us see how to prepare English for SBI Clerk exam.

SBI Clerk online preparation will be of great use to candidates to revise their basics in the short span available. Aspirants can take a look at SBI Clerk previous year papers to have some idea about the questions that appear in the exam. Also, SBI Clerk online mock tests will be of great use to aspirants to hone their test-taking skills.

Aspirants now get 20 minutes to attempt each section. Therefore, it is important to maximize the scores in each of the sections to sail through. One can go through all the questions in the English language section if one is prepared enough. So, let us see how to prepare English for SBI Clerk exam in detail.

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How to prepare English for SBI Clerk exam?

We can classify the questions that appear in the exam broadly into 2 buckets.
1. Comprehension-based
2. Grammar and Vocabulary based

The types of questions that appear in the exam are

1. Reading comprehension
2. Cloze test
3. Para jumbles
4. Spot the error
5. Double fillers
6. Sentence improvement

Reading comprehension:

Usually, 8 to 10 questions follow a passage. The passage is mostly factual by nature. The context of the passage can vary from economics to philosophy. In general, stories appear as passages in the exam. But, aspirants must prepare to tackle all sorts of passages.

The questions that follow usually contain 3-4 synonym and antonym questions. The questions usually ask for contextual meaning. Aspirants can answer these questions easily. After completing these questions, aspirants must try to answer the factual questions. Questions requiring inference must be left for the end.

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To perform well in this topic, aspirants must have the ability to understand the crux of the paragraph on reading it. The only way to develop this skill is to read as much as possible. Read opinion and editorials of leading dailies to improve your ability to comprehend articles.

After mocks, check the answers and go through the solutions. Check where your line of reasoning deviated from that of the question setter. Try to incorporate the necessary changes in the next mock and repeat the process till you attain a decent accuracy.

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Cloze test:

Cloze test is an extension of reading comprehension. More than the vocabulary, it is the ability of the aspirant to comprehend that matters. The word selected must be in line with the mood of the paragraph. Again, it is the contextual meaning that matters – not the dictionary one. The more an aspirant reads, the better he gets at picking the right words for right instances. Therefore, aspirants must devote at least an hour daily to read articles.

Para jumbles:

Ability to find the linkages between 2 sentences helps immensely in solving para jumble questions. Look for connecting words. Also, fixing the first sentence helps in figuring out the order.

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After ordering the sentences, check whether the order makes sense by rereading the passage formed. Practising para jumble questions can help aspirants to build the ability to find the linkages. Therefore, aspirants must practise 3-4 para jumbles daily to get familiar with this topic.

Spotting errors:

Having a good grasp of the fundamentals is sufficient to ace this topic. Aspirants must go through the basic grammar rules such as subject-verb agreement, articles, prepositions etc. This topic gives you the highest return for the time invested during the exam. Therefore, aspirants must learn the basic grammar rules thoroughly.

The key takeaway is that reading practice is indispensable to ace this section. Aspirants must devote at least an hour daily to read. Now and then, aspirants must refresh their basics in grammar. Aspirants must develop the ability to figure out contextual meanings of words to do well in this section.

We hope that this article on how to prepare English for SBI Clerk would have helped you to know how to go about your preparation. For more useful articles, try reading SBI Clerk expected cut off 2018 state wise and how to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018.

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