How to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018 – Study Plan – Preparation Tips

how to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018 - studyplan - crack
how to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018 - studyplan

SBI Clerk exam is just 2 months away. It is time for aspirants to go all in with their preparation. Before starting the preparation, it is important to have some basic idea about how to frame your preparation plan. In this article, let us see how to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018 and how to frame a study plan. You will know how to Crack SBI clerk exam with this study plan and exam preparation strategy.

Preparation tips on How to Crack SBI Clerk 2018:

SBI Clerk online preparation will be of great help to aspirants to revise their fundamentals within a short time span. Practising SBI Clerk previous year papers will help aspirants to get the hang of the topics tested. Also, taking SBI Clerk online mock tests will help aspirants to assess their progress periodically and to tweak their preparation plan accordingly.

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Let us see how to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018 in the 2 months available with excellent preparation strategy.

How to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018?

The first thing that aspirants must know about is the change in the pattern of the prelims exam. The prelims exam consists of 3 sections and the time for attempting each section is 20 minutes. Therefore, the prelims exam has become three 20 minute tests in essence.

The line regarding overall and sectional cut offs in the official notification is a bit ambiguous. Therefore, aspirants must avoid making any unsolicited inferences (like there will be no sectional cut offs). The only thing that we can definitely infer from the notification is that there will be sectional time limits. Therefore, aspirants must have this point in mind and should not cut themselves slack in any of the sections.

What does this pattern change mean?

Aspirants will no longer have the luxury of hiding behind their strengths. This move will give a clear picture of the strength of the candidate in each of the sections. Aspirants cannot allocate a disproportionate amount of time to their area of strength and maximise their score. Therefore, aspirants must focus on honing their skills in all 3 sections.

How to draft a SBI Clerk study plan?:

It is impossible to draft a study plan that fits everyone. Study plans are best drafted bespoke. Therefore, in this section, we try to outline the points that one must bear in mind while drafting his/her own study plan.

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With 2 months to go, aspirants have enough time under their belt even if they are starting from the scratch. Aspirants must spend the first month on revising the basics. Even if the aspirant has appeared for many exams before, chances are there he might have forgotten some nitty-gritty. Therefore, aspirants must invest the first month in making their foundation strong.

How to prepare for different sections?

For English language section, read at least for an hour daily. Reading ease is the quality that determines one’s score in this section. RCs form a major chunk of the questions. Also, other topics tested like cloze test and spotting errors also depend on the comprehending ability of the candidate. Therefore, allocate some time to read daily.

The speed with which one can compute is paramount in the quants section. Therefore, try to maximise your attempts within the time frame available. With just 20 minutes per section, the exam does not provide much time to bounce back after making mistakes. Therefore, be meticulous while doing the calculations. Avoid making errors of any kind.

Start preparing by completing simple topics like time and work, TSD first. Allocate a day or two for each topic. Then, move on to the tougher ones like permutations and probability. Practise DIs daily to acquire speed. Speed is crucial in this section and hence, practise as much as possible.

Practice is the key to cracking the reasoning section too. Practise unconventional puzzles to improve your problem-solving skills. Unconventional puzzles have become the convention quite recently. Therefore, practise such questions so that you do not get caught off-guard.

By the end of the first month, one must be able to solve most of the problems in an untimed environment.

Prepare the study plan in line with your strengths and weaknesses. Do some introspection and allocate time accordingly during preparation.

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SBI clerk study Plan for the 2nd month:

The second month is for perfecting the art of test taking. Question selection is a crucial component that determines one’s success in an exam. Therefore, give ample mock tests to master this skill. If feel that you are not good at particular section then give SBI clerk sectional mock tests more.

Set aside tough problems for practice sessions. In the exam, look out for low hanging fruits. Also, getting acclimatized to the test pattern is very important to ace the exam. Therefore, make it a point to take at least 15 mocks in the last month to the exam.

Analyse the mock tests thoroughly. After each mock, check where you went wrong and how it could be rectified. Doing so will help aspirants to prevent such mismanagement in the actual exam. Dedicate the second month completely to take mocks and to revise the basics.

We hope that this article on how to prepare for SBI Clerk 2018 would have helped you to frame your study plan. For more useful articles, try reading SBI Clerk expected cut off 2018 state wise and SBI Clerk 2018 vacancy state wise.

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