How to prepare for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017

How to prepare for IBPS clerk mains exam 2017
How to crack IBPS clerk mains

IBPS Clerk prelims exam has started. By the end of the week, every aspirant would have taken the prelims exam. The mains exam is scheduled for 21st of January, 2018. Since more than a month is left, this is the apt time to start preparing for the mains exam. In this blog, let us see how to prepare for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017.

Try using IBPS Clerk online preparation to accelerate your pace of preparation. Solve previous year papers of IBPS Clerk to gain some familiarity. Do not forget to take IBPS Clerk mock tests once in a while to keep track of the preparation.

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There have been some major changes in the IBPS Clerk mains exam pattern. Therefore, most aspirants are clueless about how to prepare for IBPS Clerk mains 2017 so as to tackle the changed pattern. We shall see the changes one must incorporate in the prep plan in this article.

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How to prepare for IBPS Clerk mains 2017 ?:

Let us start by exploring the change in the pattern of the exam. Section Number of questions Marks allotted Time duration
1. Reasoning and computer aptitude 50 60 45
2. English language 40 40 35
3. Quantitative aptitude 50 50 45
4. General awareness 50 50 35
Total 190 200 160

IBPS has decided to club the reasoning and computer aptitude sections. There is a net reduction in the number of questions. On the other hand, the time allotted has gone up.

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What do these changes mean?

While no one can be sure about what these changes imply, we can expect an increase in the level of questions. The new pattern provides aspirants with more time per question than the previous one. Therefore, IBPS will try to make the questions tough to avoid skyrocketing of cut offs and clustering of marks.

As has been the case always, the questions that appear in the mains exam will be significantly tougher than those that appear in the prelims exam. Therefore, aspirants must avoid quick fixes and try to strengthen their basics.

Instead of facts, the emphasis must be on the processes. This is particularly true for the computer aptitude section. The questions can turn out to depend more on the reasoning skills rather than on computer facts.

The English language section may sport some changes. Questions can be unconventional and hence, aspirants must prepare for the same. Also, the easier subtopics such as spotting errors can have reduced weightage. Therefore, do not go in with a particular type of questions in mind.

The quants section too can have some changes with respect to the type of questions. Easier topics such as approximation can lose their share to the tougher ones. Therefore, do not bank much on simpler topics. In this month, practise tougher questions so that you do not get caught off-guard during the exam.

We can expect puzzles to dominate the reasoning section as well. The puzzles will most likely be unconventional. Therefore, solve puzzles from good sources to develop the habit. Make sure that you are comfortable dealing with a new type of puzzle on the D-day. Also, some offbeat questions can eat into topics such as syllogism. Hence, have these points in mind and prepare accordingly.

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GK section:

Current affairs usually dominate the GK section. Banking awareness also forms a major chunk of this section. Therefore, aspirants must revise the basic banking terminologies in this month.

Any news relating to the Government of India and the banking sector is important. Revising the current affairs of past 6 months will be sufficient to ace this section. Therefore, aspirants must revise these topics daily on the last 15 days to stay in touch.

The major change that aspirants must expect in the exam is the level of difficulty and completely new questions. Preparing for such adversities can help aspirants to ace the exam. Therefore, start practising tougher questions that do not conform to standard types to give yourself a chance. Also, avoid depending too much on a particular question type. Time and again, certain question types vanish without a clue in the exam. Therefore, prepare to handle such cases too. Practice Online GK Tests.

We hope that this blog would have given you some idea about how to prepare for IBPS Clerk mains 2017. Try reading our other useful blogs on IBPS Clerk expected cut off state wise and IBPS Clerk 2017 syllabus.

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