SNAP cut off 2017 – Expected SNAP Marks vs Percentile

SNAP Cut off 2017 expected marks
SNAP Cut off 2017 expected marks

SNAP exam is going online this year. Having a sense of the cut offs can help aspirants to know the score they must be targeting. In this article, let us see expected SNAP cut off 2017 and the score vs percentile distribution.

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SNAP cut off 2017 (Expected):

Institutes under SNAP do not consider sectional cut offs. Therefore, aspirants must try to maximise their scores without worrying about balancing the sectionals. Usually, SIBM Pune shortlists aspirants who score above the 98th percentile. Therefore, aspirants can safely assume 98th percentile to be the benchmark.

As is the case with all the examinations, no fixed mark can yield a particular percentile. In 2015, the paper was very tough, and a score of 70 proved sufficient to get a call from all the institutes.

Historically, a score over 100 has proved safe. Therefore, shoot to score a triple-digit score to be on the safer side.

Most of the institutes under SNAP do not consider the past academics of the students. Therefore, students with not so stellar academic record stand an excellent chance of fetching a call with a decent percentile.

Previously, the LR section had 2 marks per question. Also, the number of questions in the LR section was just 30. But, the number of questions has been increased to 40 now and the marks per question are reduced to 1. Therefore, we can expect the overall cut off to fall below 95 (around 2014 levels).

SNAP 2015 was on the tougher side, and therefore, the cut offs fell drastically. We can brush it off as an aberration. The cut offs were as low as 70 in SNAP 2015. However, the SNAP cut off 2017 is unlikely to reach such lows. SNAP expected cut off marks are a bit on the higher side as compared to last year.

How to prepare GK for SNAP 2017

SNAP GK Sample Questions PDF

Expected cut off marks:

Accounting for the reduction in the number of GK questions and reduction in the total marks, we expect the following marks to be the cut offs for top institutes. College Cut Off (Marks)
1. SIBM, Pune 80+
2. SCHMRD, Pune 80+
3. SIIB 72+
4. SIBM, Bangalore 70+
5. SIMS 65+

Aspirants must not go in with a fixed number of attempts in mind. Alter the number of attempts after looking at the questions.

SIBM Pune cut off is usually the highest. SIBM Bangalore and SIBM Hyderabad cut off are way less than that of the Pune campus.

Let us have a look at the expected score vs percentile distribution for SNAP 2017. Score Percentile
1. 90 99+
2. 80 98
3. 75 97
4. 65 95

These estimates are made on the basis of the assumption that the exam will be moderately tough and the pattern will not sport any major changes. In a moderate paper, the SNAP cut off 2017 is unlikely to cross 80 marks. Scoring over 90 marks can give aspirants an excellent chance of converting the call.

SNAP Free Online GK Tests

SNAP Free Online Mock Test 2018

Exam strategy:

As the exam does not have any sectional cut off or timings, the focus must entirely be on maximising the score. We can broadly classify aspirants into 2 types.

1. Aspirants who are extremely good in 1 section
2. Aspirants who are decent in all the sections.

Aspirants who have a strong preference for a section must try to complete the section of their strength first. Then, they must move on to the other sections picking out the easier questions.

Aspirants who are decent across all the sections must adopt a slightly different approach. They must attempt the paper in rounds. In the first round, they must pick up all the easy questions across all the sections and solve them. In the second round, they must solve the tough yet solvable type questions.

Aspirants must not ignore the GK section. Doing well in the section can help aspirants to lower the targets in other sections. Also, the questions in the GK section are the least time-consuming in the entire paper. Another significant advantage of the GK section is the limited scope for error. Therefore, aspirants must revise the current affairs of past 2 years and try to do well in the section.

We hope that this blog was helpful to have an idea about the expected SNAP cut off 2017. For more useful articles, try reading how to crack SNAP 2017 and how to prepare GK for SNAP 2017.

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