How to crack SNAP 2017 – Last minute tips

How to crack SNAP 2017 - Last minute tips
Last minute tips to crack SNAP 2017

SNAP exam is just a few days away. After CAT and IIFT, SNAP is the next major exam in the league. An important point to note is that SNAP demands a different skill set than other exams. Therefore, aspirants must take SNAP with a fresh mind without letting their previous performances in other tests affect them. In this article, let us see some last minute tips on how to crack SNAP 2017.

Aspirants can have a look at online preparation for CAT to revise the fundamentals in the last few days. Free GK tests can also help aspirants to prepare for the GK section of the exam.

SNAP 2017 Expected Cut off

How to crack SNAP 2017?

SNAP is more of a speed test. The exam tests an entirely different skill set as compared to CAT or XAT. Therefore, aspirants must tweak the way they prepare for the exam to score well.

Most of the questions in SNAP do not require intricate thinking to solve. Template questions form the majority of the exam. Therefore, someone who has practised a large number of standard questions is likely to perform better in the exam.

The exam contains 150 questions and the time limit is just 2 hours.Therefore, solving the easy questions fast is mandatory. Aspirants can leave out the tougher questions in the exam without any fuss and still have a shot at top colleges.

Each section barring GK contains 40 questions of 1 mark each. The GK section contains 30 questions. SNAP imposes a penalty of 25% of the marks a question carries for wrong answers. Therefore, aspirants must never resort to blind guessing. Also, aspirants must maintain a fine balance between attempts and accuracy. Aspirants must avoid sacrificing accuracy in their quest for speed.

How to prepare GK for SNAP 2017

SNAP GK Sample Questions PDF

Changes in preparation:

Let us see how to crack SNAP 2017 by making a few changes to the way of preparation of various sections.

A major revamp is required in the way aspirants prepare for the verbal section. RCs are not as dominant as in CAT. The section tests aspirants primarily on vocabulary. Therefore, aspirants must start revising basic grammar rules from now on.

The para jumble questions are way easier than those which appear in CAT and can be solved easily using the options.

The quants section mostly contains simple and easy to solve questions. A serious aspirant can solve these questions well within a minute and hence must have no cause for worry in this section.

The reasoning section, unlike other exams, contains questions from varied topics. The sets are small and easy to solve. Apart from the sets, questions from topics such as blood relations, analogies, etc. also appear extensively. Most of the serious CAT aspirants will find themselves at home in this section without much fuss.

SNAP has renamed the GK section as current affairs from last year. The questions that appear are only from the current affairs of past 2 years. Therefore, aspirants must focus solely on those topics. Try going through the GK compendiums to revise the basics.

SNAP Free Online GK Tests

SNAP Free Online Mock Test 2018

Test Taking strategy:

One of the most important factors in SNAP is that the institutes do not consider sectional cut offs. Therefore, aspirants can completely rely on their strengths. They can also afford to ignore their weaknesses during the preparation phase.

However, having balanced preferences will allow aspirants to pick up the low hanging fruits in all the sections. These questions usually account for over 100 marks and therefore, this strategy can prove sound.

SNAP has gone online this year. Therefore, try taking the mock tests in an online interface to acclimatise yourself with the exam setup.

Though there are no sectional cut offs, aspirants must not ignore the GK section completely. The section contains 30 marks. Scoring well in the GK section can help aspirants lower their targets in other sections. Also, the GK questions can be solved in a jiffy leaving aspirants with enough time to tackle other sections.

Avoid blind guesses as much as possible. Only mark the answers you are sure of. Also, have a time cut off for each question. If you cannot solve the question within the time limit you have set, feel free to move on. Do not get consumed by a question and miss out on a decent score.

We hope that this article on how to crack SNAP 2017 would have given you some idea about how to approach the exam. Try reading our other useful blogs on how to prepare GK for SNAP 2017 and how to prepare for XAT 2018.

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