How to prepare GK for SNAP 2017

How to prepare for GK for SNAP 2017 - Tips
How to prepare for GK for SNAP 2017

The exam season started a week ago. We hope that most of the aspirants would have done well in CAT and IIFT. Irrespective of how the 2 exams went, it is better to start preparing for SNAP. In this blog, let us see how to prepare GK for SNAP 2017.

Try online preparation for CAT to refresh the concepts in sections like Quants and English. Also, take free GK tests from time to time to gauge your level of preparedness to the exam.

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SNAP 2017 Expected Cut off

How to prepare GK for SNAP 2017?

SNAP GK section accounts for 30 marks. This section alone represents 20% of the total 150 marks in the exam. Unlike other entrance exams, most institutes under SNAP do not consider sectional cut offs. Though there is no separate GK cut off in SNAP, aspirants can use this section to their advantage. Therefore, aspirants must maximize their score in this section to relieve some pressure during the exam.


The question that nags most aspirants now is how to prepare GK for SNAP 2017 with just 2 weeks in hand. Unlike IIFT and XAT, the questions that appear in SNAP are limited in scope and hence, can be mastered in 2 weeks. Therefore, start preparing for the section from now on.

From last year, SNAP has renamed the section as current affairs of past 2 years. Therefore, the need to memorize abstruse topics has now been done away with. Aspirants must avoid preparing unrelated topics and must use the time available prudently.

Start by revising the happenings of past 6 months. These incidents have a high likelihood of appearing in the exam. Then, move on to past 1 year and then finally to past 2 years. Move in the reverse chronological order. Let us have a look at the topics one has to cover to do well in the section.

SNAP GK Sample Questions PDF

Download GK PDFs for SNAP 2017


Topics to cover:

Any topic relating to business is of utmost importance. Common banking acronyms, recent rate changes, new norms by RBI, minimum requirements for establishment of various entities and other such details are important.

Brand endorsements by celebrities, logos, taglines of various brands are important. Note down the CEOs of various companies, subsidiaries of various conglomerates, recent acquisitions etc. Also, try to know about the major stakeholders in various corporations, mergers etc.

Read about awards (Oscars, Nobel prize, Magsaysay prize, Miss World, Miss Universe, Man Booker prize, Grammys, Dronacharya award, Khel Ratna award and Arjuna award). Also, read about Padma awardees and their contributions. Limit yourself to the details of past 2 years while doing so.

One of the most important things to note is that it is not sufficient to just memorize the names. Know about the work for which the persons received the award. At least, have some idea about the field of work for which the award was awarded (especially in Nobel prizes).

Any news relating to Indian Government is very important. Try to read about the various initiatives taken by the Government and the budget allotted for the same.
Know about the important targets set along the way.

Other important topics include recent agreements with other countries, ties and partnerships, joint exercises etc. Also, know about the events that India recently hosted or participated in. Know about the ranking of India in various surveys.

On a global front, know about the cities that are scheduled to host the upcoming sports events. Also, read about the recent rankings of cities in surveys. Check how well the Indian cities have fared in the rankings.

SNAP Free Online GK Tests

SNAP Free Online Mock Test 2018

Advantages of doing well in GK:

In the exam, GK section has the highest mark to time invested ratio. Therefore, doing well in this section will allow aspirants with the luxury to spend some more time in other sections. Since there are no sectional cutoffs, aspirants can use this time in the section of their strength.

Also, doing well in GK will allow aspirants to lower their targets in the other sections. This will help to relieve pressure and give the exam with a cool head. Therefore, aspirants must try to score as high as possible in the GK section to improve their chances of making it through.

We hope that this article would have helped you to know how to prepare GK for SNAP 2017. To prepare for all GK topics at one place, try downloading our GK compendium and take free GK tests.

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