SBI Clerk Marketing Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF

SBI Clerk Marketing Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF
SBI Clerk Marketing Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF

Marketing Aptitude questions for SBI Clerk banking exam 2018 Previous marketing aptitude most commonly asked questions. Download marketing questions PDF useful for SBI Clerk and PO exams.

SBI Clerk Marketing Aptitude Questions and Answers PDF:

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Question 1: One of the following is not involved in the Growth Strategies of a Company ____

a) Horizontal integration
b) Vertical integration
c) Diversification
d) Intensification
e) None of these

Question 2: A successful “Blue Ocean Strategy” requires ____

a) Effective communication
b) Innovative skills
c) Motivation
d) All of the above
e) None of these

Question 3: Effective Selling Skills depend on the

a) Number of Languages known to the DSA
b) Data on marketing staff
c) Information regarding IT market
d) Knowledge of related markets
e) Ability to talk fast

Question 4: A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) is required to be adept in

a) Surrogate marketing
b) Training skills
c) Communication skills
d) Market Research
e) OTC Marketing

Question 5: Leads can be best sourced from

a) Foreign Customers
b) Yellow paages
c) Dictionary
d) List of vendors
e) Local supply chains

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Question 6: A successful marketing person requires one of the following qualities:

a) Empathy
b) Sympathy
c) Insistence
d) Aggressiveness
e) Pride

Question 7: Innovation in marketing is the same as

a) Abbreviation
b) Communication
c) Creativity
d) Aspiration
e) Research work

Question 8: Market segmentation can be resorted to by dividing the target group as per
a) Income levels of customers
b) age of the employees
c) Needs of the salespersons
d) Marketing skills of the employees
e) Size of the organisation

Question 9: Post-sales activities include

a) Sales presentation
b) Customer’s feedback
c) Customer identification
d) Customer’s apathy
e) Product design

Question 10: The ‘USP’ of a product denotes the

a) Usefulness of the product
b) Drawbacks of a Product
c) Main Functions
d) Number of allied products available
e) High selling features of a product

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75 SBI Clerk Mocks & Sectionals – Rs. 360

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  1. In the question 9 the post sales activities include customer’s feedback and not sales presentation which comes under pre sales activity as a part of the customer and market research/analysis. And for the question 5 can we have better explanation of what leads are ?
    please reply


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