How to prepare for General Awareness for SBI Clerk 2018 exam

How to prepare for General Awareness for SBI Clerk
A detailed blog on how to prepare for General Awareness for SBI Clerk

SBI Clerk prelims exam is just a few weeks away. The gap between the prelims exam and the mains exam is usually less than 20 days. General awareness is an important section in the mains exam. In this blog, let us see how to prepare for general awareness for SBI Clerk exam.

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How to prepare for General Awareness for SBI Clerk:

The GA section carries 50 marks in the mains exam. The weightage for this section in the mains exam is equal to the weightage of quants section. GA section has the highest return on time invested in the exam. Moreover, GA section can help an aspirant to increase his scores by a good margin. This, in turn, will ease the pressure to perform well in the other sections. Before we move on to how to prepare for general awareness for SBI clerk exam, it is important to know how significant the section is to improve one’s overall score.

We can broadly classify the questions that appear in the GA section into 2 broad categories:

1.Financial awareness
2. Current affairs and static GK

How to prepare Financial awareness for SBI Clerk exam:

Questions from this topic revolve around the functioning of banks, rules that govern the banks, various instruments available and the structure of banking system. Apart from these topics, a few basic questions can appear from fields relating to economics and financial health of the country.

Preparing for these type of questions is a simple task. Aspirants must read about the topics mentioned in detail. Also, aspirants must make notes while preparing. Taking notes will help the aspirants to revise the concepts in a short while. Aspirants can expect around 10 -15 questions from these topics in the exam.

How to prepare Current affairs and static GK for SBI Clerk exam:

The static GK part is limited to the banks, their headquarters, year of establishment, logos and taglines. A few questions can appear regarding the chairman of various banks. Apart from these topics, aspirants must read about recent changes that have happened at various banks.

A sizeable chunk of the current affairs will be from the happenings in the 3 months prior to the exam. If an aspirant revises the current affairs for 6 months, then he can almost be sure of answering all the questions from this topic.

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Any topic relating to banks and the government is important. Aspirants must ensure that they update themselves with the recent happenings at banks, changes at the helm, various apps and services launched by banks, mergers and tie-ups. Also, any policy relating to the government is crucial. Aspirants must ensure that they read about various initiatives taken by the government and policies that facilitate financial inclusion.

Some General tips:

Do not procrastinate:

Reading 50 pages of current affairs in the 10 days before the mains exam can prove to be a daunting task. Even if aspirants manage to read all the material, it will be hard to retain all the information read. Therefore, aspirants must ensure that they develop a habit of going through the news daily in these 3 months. Also, aspirants must revise what they have learnt every weekend to ensure that the information remains fresh in the memory.

Divide the portion into manageable chunks:

Do not try to read all the information in one go. Make sure that you assimilate the information slowly. Also, dealing with small chunks of information will not put the morale of aspirants down. Represent the information in the format you are most likely to understand. Make flowcharts and mind maps if necessary. Representing the information visually can help some aspirants to understand things better. Therefore, aspirants must make sure that they study in the way that suits them the most.

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We hope that this article on how to prepare for general awareness for SBI Clerk was of some help to you.


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