SSC GD Constable 12th Feb 2019 Asked Questions PDF With Answers

ssc gd 2019 question paper

SSC GD Exam 12th Feb 2019 Exam Asked Questions Shift- 1, Shift- 2 and Shift- 3:

SSC has conducted SSC GD Constable Exam on Day 2 in all three shifts. In this blog, you can learn questions from all the shifts. Going through these questions can help candidates what to expect in upcoming exams.

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SSC GD 2019 Exam Analysis:

Computer Based Test for SSC GD consists of 100 questions from different sections, each question carrying 1 mark each.

Key Points In The exam:

  • There is no negative marking in the exam.
  • Students who appeared for the exam described the paper as Easy to Moderate level.
  • Students have to choose 4th optional section from English/Hindi.

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SSC GD 12th Feb 2019 Asked Questions:

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Question 1: City of Ujjain is located on the banks of which river?

Question 2: Which device is used to measure the rainfall?

Question 3: Who was the promoter of English education in India?

Question 4: When was the formation of Khalsa panth of warriors of Sikh religion under Guru Gobind Singh took place?

Question 5: Who administers the oath of the President of India?

Question 6: Who is known as the “Lady with the Lamp” ?

Question 7: Which country awards the Nobel Prize annually?

Question 8: Which is the World largest bay in terms of shoreline?

Question 9: Who was the First Governor General of Pakistan?

Question 10: When did the Khilafat movement begin?

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Question 11: Where is the headquarter of RBI(Reserve Bank of India) located?

Question 12: Delhi Cloth Mills Trophy is related to which game?

Question 13: Which Central Ministry has won the 2018 “Swachchta Hi Seva” award?

Question 14: To facilitate airline travellers in India, a pioneering ‘digitally unified flying experience’, Union Ministry of Civil Aviation has initiated which initiative?

Question 15: Name the woman scientist who has won the 2018 Nobel Prize for Chemistry?

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Question 16: What was theme of 4th Indian International Science Festival 2018 ?

Question 17: What is the full Form of AEPS?

Question 18: who has discovered the Ozone layer?

Question 19: who is the author of book ”The Paradoxical Prime Minister“?

Question 20: Bismillah Khan is Associated with which musical Instrument?

Question 21: What is the Chemical name of Vitamin C ?

Question 22: Who was the first person to estimate the National Income of India?

Question 23: Which is the highest battlefield of India?

Question 24: What is the chemical symbol of Gold?

Question 25: When did the battle of Plassey took place?

Question 26: Who was founder of Brahmo Samaj?

Question 27: Which is the nearest Planet to the Sun?

Question 28: What is the full form of PMGY?

Question 29: Who are the foreigners who were conferred with the Bharat Ratna award?

Question 30: Which is the highest Peak of Himalayas?

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Question 31: Which metal is the best conductor of electricity?

Question 32: Garbha dance is related to which state ?

Question 33: Mira bai Chanu is related to which game?

Question 34: Who is the first Pakistan citizen who received the Bharat Ratna award?

Question 35: Who is the Chief Minister of Manipur?

Question 36: Arunachal Pradesh shares its International Boundary with which countries?

Question 37: What is the SI unit of current ?

Question 38: Arjuna Award is instituted in which year?

Question 39: My Experiment with Truth is the autobiography of whom?

Question 40: Which article grants special autonomous status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir?

Question 41: Who is the present Sports Minister of India?

Question 42: Who is the youngest sportsperson to be awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?

Question 43: Who is the Indian reformer who inspired from the French Revolution?

Question 44: Andaman & Nicobar Islands are located in which sea?

Question 45: Where is the India’s largest Oil Refinery located?

Question 46: From which veda has the Gayatri Mantra been taken?

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Question 47: Which article of the Constitution contains the provisions regarding the Attorney General of India?

Question 48: Where is the Asia’s largest animal fair held?

Question 49: Who is the Chief Minister Of Mizoram?

Question 50: Which is the longest River In South India?

Question 51: Which is the first state in India to implement the Panchayati Raj system?

Question 52: In which sea is the Lakshadweep located?

Question 53: Durand Line is the border between which two countries?

Question 54: Which is the most ductile metal?

Question 55: When was the World Trade Organization established?

Question 56: Where is the Hussain Sagar situated?

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SSC GD 12th Feb 2019 Answers/Solutions:

1) Answer: KShipra river

2) Answer: Udometer

3) Answer: Lord Macaulay

4) Answer: 13 April 1699

5) Answer: Chief Justice of India

6) Answer: Florence Nightingale

7) Answer: Sweden (all prizes except the Nobel Peace Prize) & Norway presents the Nobel Peace prize

8) Answer: Hudson Bay in canada

9) Answer: Mohammad Ali Jinnah

10) Answer: 1919

11) Answer: Mumbai

12) Answer: Football

13) Answer: Ministry of Railways

14) Answer: Digi Yatra

15) Answer: Frances Arnold

16) Answer: ”Science for Transformation”

17) Answer: Aadhaar Enabled Payment System

18) Answer: Charles Fabry & Henri Buisson

19) Answer: Shashi Tharoor

20) Answer: Shehnai

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21) Answer: Ascorbic acid

22) Answer: Dada Bhai Naoroji

23) Answer: Siachen Glacier

24) Answer: Au (from latin name Aurum)

25) Answer: 1757

26) Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

27) Answer: Mercury

28) Answer: Pradhan Mantri Gramodaya Yojana

29) Answer: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan & Nelson Mandela

30) Answer: Mount Everest

31) Answer: Silver

32) Answer: Gujarat

33) Answer: Weight Lifting

34) Answer: Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan of Pakistan in 1987

35) Answer: Biren Singh

36) Answer: China, Myanmar, Bhutan

37) Answer: Ampere

38) Answer: 1961

39) Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

40) Answer: Article 370

41) Answer: Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore

42) Answer: Abhinav Bindra

43) Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy & Tipu Sultan

44) Answer: Bay of Bengal

45) Answer: Jamnagar

46) Answer: Rigveda

47) Answer: 76

48) Answer: Sonepur

49) Answer: Zoramthanga

50) Answer: Godavari

51) Answer: Rajasthan

52) Answer: Arabian Sea

53) Answer: Pakistan And Afghanistan

54) Answer: Platinum

55) Answer: 1995

56) Answer: Hyderabad

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