SSC GD 13th Feb 2019 Asked Questions PDF With Answers

ssc gd 13th feb 2019 question paper

SSC GD Exam 13th Feb 2019 Asked Questions Shift- 1, Shift- 2 and Shift- 3:

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is conducting SSC GD Constable exams for the year 2018 from 11th Feb 2019 – 11th March 2019. SSC has conducted Day- 3 SSC GD exam successfully in all the three shifts. The total time duration of the exam is 90 mins comprising of four different sections. The positive thing about the exam is that there is no negative marking in the exam. You can go through the SSC 13th February question paper here to understand what to focus on preparation and what kind of questions will appear in exams.

SSC GD exam is conducted in both English/Hindi languages.

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SSC GD Exam Feb 13th 2019 Analysis and Review:

Subject No. Of Questions Difficulty Level
General Intelligence and
25 Moderate
General Knowledge 25 Easy- Moderate
Mathematics 25 Easy
English/Hindi 25 Easy
Total 100 Easy to Moderate


  • Candidates who have appeared for the Exam claimed that the Difficulty Level of the exam was from Easy to Moderate Level.
  • Key Point: No negative marking in the exam.
  • The Level of Maths Section was Easy.
  • There were less number of questions from Current Affairs Topic.

This can be useful for candidates in knowing the questions in upcoming exams.

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SSC GD 13th Feb 2019 Asked Questions:

Download SSC GD 13 FEB 2019 Asked Questions PDF

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Question 1: The book named “Rajtarangini” written by “Kalhana” is related to which subject?

Question 2: Cricket bats are made from which tree?

Question 3: Which country has hosted the 2018 Azlan Shah Hockey tournament?

Question 4: Where did Mahatma Gandhi establish the Sabarmati Ashram?

Question 5: Who is the author of the National Song of India?

Question 6: Which island is known as Spice Island internationally?

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Question 7: Who is the tenth Sikh Guru?

Question 8: Which state is the largest producer of saffron in India?

Question 9: Who was elected unopposed as the President of India?

Question 10: The train that runs the longest distance in India is _____

Question 11: Who is the author of the book “The Namesake”?

Question 12: Who is the father of Milk Revolution in India?

Question 13: When was Burma Province separated from India?

Question 14: Which lens is used to correct the near-sightedness?

Question 15: Who is the inventor of the telegraph?

Question 16: Where is the headquarters of IMF located?

Question 17: Which river is known as the sorrow of Bihar?

Question 18: Which cricketer topped the ICC list of top Test batsmen?

Question 19: Who has won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize?

Question 20: Who is the chairman of the 15th Finance Commission?

Question 21: Which orbital spacecraft by ISRO intends to send 3 astronauts to space by 2022?

Question 22: Atomic bomb is based on which reaction?

Question 23: What is the full form of ATM?

Question 24: In which state is Ranikhet located?

Question 25: With which game is the Thomas Cup related?

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Question 26: Who is the current Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

Question 27: Which test is done to detect AIDS infection?

Question 28: Who is the current Vice Chairperson of the NITI Aayog?

Question 29: Which Indian states are mainly associated with Indus Valley Civilization?

Question 30: Majuli Island is situated on which river?

Question 31: Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner?

Question 32: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose National Institute of Sports is located at

Question 33: What is the SI unit of power?

Question 34: What was the name of the commander of mughal emperor Akbar?

Question 35: Who is the author of “My Truth Book”?

Question 36: Halley comet appears once in how many years?

Question 37: Jawahar Tunnel is located in which state?

Question 38: Aga Khan cup is related to which game?

Question 39: Where is the highest airport located in India?

Question 40: Which country’s capital is Abu Dhabi?

Question 41: Where is the headquarters of United Nations located?

Question 42: Which Sikh Guru was executed under the orders of Aurangzeb?

Question 43: Who is the Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

Question 44: Who summons the Joint Meeting of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha?

Question 45: Which is the India’s first talkie movie?

Question 46: What is the currency of Bangladesh?

Question 47: Vardhaman Mahavira died at which age?

Question 48: Giddha is a popular dance of which state?

Question 49: Who has built the Red Fort of Delhi?

Question 50: Buenos Aires is the capital of which country?

Question 51: Who was the general of Akbar?

Question 52: Where is Bandipur National Park located ?

Question 53: The war of khanwa was fought between whom?

Question 54: Where is the headquarters of NATO?

Question 55: What is the chemical formula of salt?

Question 56: Which is the longest bone of human body?

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SSC GD 13th Feb 2019 Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: History of Kashmir

2) Answer: Willow tree

3) Answer: Malaysia

4) Answer: Ahmedabad

5) Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

6) Answer: Zanzibar

7) Answer: Guru Gobind Singh

8) Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

9) Answer: Neelam Sanjiva Reddy

10) Answer: Vivek Express (Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari)

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11) Answer: Jhumpa Lahiri

12) Answer: Dr. Verghese Kurien

13) Answer: 1937

14) Answer: Concave lens

15) Answer: Samuel Morse

16) Answer: Washington D.C.

17) Answer: Kosi river

18) Answer: Virat Kohli

19) Answer: Nadia Murad, Danish Mukewege

20) Answer: N.K.Singh

21) Answer: Gagan Yaan

22) Answer: Nuclear fission

23) Answer: Automated Teller Machine

24) Answer: Uttarakhand

25) Answer: badminton

26) Answer: Ashok Gehlot

27) Answer: ELISA Test

28) Answer: Rajiv Kumar

29) Answer: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab

30) Answer: Brahmaputra river

31) Answer: President

32) Answer: Patiala, Punjab

33) Answer: Watt

34) Answer: Raja Mansingh

35) Answer: Indira Gandhi

36) Answer: 76 years

37) Answer: Jammu & Kashmir

38) Answer: Hockey

39) Answer: Leh, Jammu & Kashmir

40) Answer: United Arab Emirates

41) Answer: New York

42) Answer: Guru Tegh Bahadur

43) Answer: The Vice President of India

44) Answer: The President of India

45) Answer: AlamAra

46) Answer: Taka

47) Answer: 72 years

48) Answer: Punjab

49) Answer: Shah Jahan

50) Answer: Argentina

51) Answer: Raja Man Singh

52) Answer: Karnataka

53) Answer: Babar and Rana Sanga in 1527 AD

54) Answer: Brussels, Belgium

55) Answer: NaCl

56) Answer: Femur

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