SSC GD Constable 14th Feb 2019 Asked Questions PDF With Answers

ssc gd 14th feb 2019 paper

SSC GD Exam 14th Feb 2019 Asked Questions Shift- 1, Shift- 2 and Shift- 3:

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is conducting SSC GD Constable exam for 54953 GD Vacancies in various forces. SSC has conducted 4th Day of exam in all shifts. In this blog, we will go through all the questions that are asked and the exam analysis on 14th Feb 2019 SSC GD paper. This can be helpful for Candidates in knowing what to Focus on in their preparation for the exam.

SSC GD Computer Based Test is conducted in English/Hindi languages.

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SSC GD Feb 14th 2019 Exam Analysis and Review:

Computer Based Test for SSC GD Contains 100 questions.


Subject No. Of Questions Difficulty Level
General Intelligence and
25 Moderate
General Knowledge 25 Easy- Moderate
Mathematics 25 Easy
English/Hindi 25 Easy
Total 100 Easy to Moderate
  • The duration of the exam is 90 mins.
  • There is no negative marking in the exam.
  • Candidates who have appeared for the Exam claimed that the Difficulty Level of the exam was from Easy to Moderate.
  • The level of Maths was easy.
  • Students have to choose fourth Section from English/Hindi.

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SSC GD 14th Feb 2019 Asked Questions:

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Question 1: The Art Of Temple Construction Was Born during What Time

Question 2: India’s position In Milk Production is:

Question 3: Where Is The Headquarters Of SAARC located?

Question 4: Who is the first historian to read The Inscriptions Of Ashoka

Question 5: Where Is Manipur’s Capital

Question 6: R.N. Malhotra Committee is associated with:

Question 7: Vitamin- A

Question 8: Who is the Winner Of Kabaddi World Cup 2016

Question 9: Who Is The Chief of The State Executive?

Question 10: Who built The Kailash Temple Of Ellora

Question 11: When and where was The First Search for Petroleum began in India?

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Question 12: What is the India’s rank in the 2018 Global Innovation Index?

Question 13: Pulitzer Award Is Given In the Field of:

Question 14: World Compost Day is observed on:

Question 15: What Is the primary unit of Temperature measurement?

Question 16: India’s Citizenship is:

Question 17: Where will 2019 Cricket World Cup happen?

Question 18: Gyanpeeth Award is given in the Field of:

Question 19: Who is the Founder of ‘Shuddhi Movement’

Question 20: Who is the current speaker of lok sabha?

Question 21: Where Did The 2018 Commonwealth Games happen?

Question 22: Who is the known as The Milkman Of India?

Question 23: The Author Of ‘Panchatantra’

Question 24: When Did The First Battle Of Tarain happen?

Question 25: What is the name of Gautam Buddha’s Wife?

Question 26: Who is India’s First Deputy Prime Minister?

Question 27: When was Mahatma Gandhi born?

Question 28: Who is the Chairman of Drafting Committee?

Question 29: Who is the Governor Of Odisha?

Question 30: Function Of Gastric Juice is:

Question 31: R. N. Relation Of Malhotra Committee

Question 32: What is the supportive Enzyme In Protein Digestion?

Question 33: 86th Constitutional Amendment Is Related To

Question 34: J-ataka Stories Are Related to?

Question 35: Which Secret Ruler Is Said To Be A Kaviraja

Question 36: Bihu Dance is related to which state?

Question 37: Where Is The Northern Railway Headquarter located?

Question 38: The Highest Peak In Western Ghats is:

Question 39: Where does The River Rhine flows?

Question 40: Which country is the largest producer of iron?

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Question 41: Which Virus causes HIV-AIDS?

Question 42: Where Gol Gumbaz is Located?

Question 43: Which Country hosted Commonwealth Games 2018 ?

Question 44: National Sports day is observed on which day ?

Question 45: Where is Konark Temple located ?

Question 46: Vasco di Gama came to India in which year ?

Question 47: Capital of Malaysia is:

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Question 48: Father of Hindi is:

Question 49: International Women’s day is observed on?

Question 50: Capital of Denmark is?

Question 51: India First played Cricket Match in which year ?

Question 52: Directive State Policy is borrowed from which country’s constitution?

Question 53: The first battle of Panipat was fought in which year ?

Question 54: The first city of India which is included in UNESCO site ?

Question 55: Name the deepest Ocean ?

Question 56: Headquarter of UNESCO

Question 57: Who will decide the Bank Rate ?

Question 58: Capital of Nagaland is:

Question 59: On which date is the Indian migratory day celebrated?

Question 60: Freedom of Religion Comes under which Article of Indian Constitution .

Question 61: Number of Union Territories in India ?

Question 62: Where is Mausoleum of BiBi (Bibi Ka Maqbara) located ?

Question 63: Where is Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve located ?

Question 64: Which Country hosted the FIFA World Cup 2018 ?

Question 65: Where is Bandipur National Park located ?

Question 66: Unit of Electric Bills ?

Question 67: Which of the following is a mammal?

Question 68: During vedic era, people used to worship

Question 69: Who is the author of the book ‘Becoming’?

Question 70: Which of the following government schemes is not associated with Narendra Modi?

SSC GD 14th Feb 2019 Answers & Solutions:

1) Answer: The Secret Period

2) Answer: First

3) Answer: Kathmandu

4) Answer: James Prinsep

5) Answer: Imphal

6) Answer: Insurance Sector

7) Answer: Found In Spinach Leaves

8) Answer: India

9) Answer: Governor

10) Answer: Krishna -I

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11) Answer: Digboi

12) Answer: 57

13) Answer: Journalism

14) Answer: October 16

15) Answer: Kelvin

16) Answer: Single Citizenship

17) Answer: England And Wales

18) Answer: Literature

19) Answer: Swami Dayanand Saraswati

20) Answer: Sumitra Mahajan

21) Answer: Goldcoast

22) Answer: Verghese Kurien

23) Answer: Vishnu Sharma

24) Answer: 1191

25) Answer: Yashodhara

26) Answer: Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

27) Answer: 2 October 1869

28) Answer: Bhimrao Ambedkar

29) Answer: Ganeshi Lal

30) Answer: Digestion Of Food

31) Answer: From Insurance Sector

32) Answer: Tippsin

33) Answer: Education

34) Answer: Gautam Buddha

35) Answer: Samudra Gupta

36) Answer: Assam

37) Answer: New Delhi

38) Answer: Anaimudi

39) Answer: Germany

40) Answer: China

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41) Answer: Human Immunodeficiency Virus AIDS – HIV

42) Answer: Karnataka

43) Answer: Australia

44) Answer: 29 August

45) Answer: Odisha

46) Answer: 1498

47) Answer: Kuala Lumpur

48) Answer: Bhartendu Harishchandra (9 September 1850 – 6 January 1885)

49) Answer: 8 March

50) Answer: Copenhagen

51) Answer: 1932

52) Answer: Ireland

53) Answer: 1526

54) Answer: Ahmedabad

55) Answer: Pacific Ocean

56) Answer: Paris

57) Answer: RBI (Reserve Bank of India)

58) Answer: Kohima

59) Answer: 9 January

60) Answer: Article 25-28

61) Answer: 7

62) Answer: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

63) Answer: uttarakhand

64) Answer: Russia

65) Answer: Karnataka

66) Answer: KW/h

67) Answer: Bat

68) Answer: Agni

69) Answer: Michelle Obama


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