SBI PO 2003


Study the information given in each of these questions to answer the questions.



Question 121

Percentage of Sex (Male and Female) and Education Level (Post-Graduate or Graduate) Data of a Collage.

Total N = 2300
Total how many post-graduates are there in the college ?

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Question 122

A candidate’s score (out of 100) in different subjects--

The difference in score is maximum between which of the two subjects ?

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Question 123

Caloric value of food per 100 gms---
Food Value
X 100
Y 29
Z 110
A 70
B 40
What consumed the most calories ?

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Question 124

Study the graph and answer the question given below.

Which of the following is true about the value of x and y in the graph ?

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Question 125

Population of two states represented by circles is equal to the area of the circle (in lakhs). What is the smaller state ?

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Study the following graph to answer the given questions.


Question 126

The production in 2002 is what percent of production in 1996?

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Question 127

What is the approximate average production (in lakhs) for the given years ?

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Question 128

Which of the following is the highest difference in production between two adjacent years ?

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Question 129

Which year had the highest per cent increase in production over the previous year?

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What will come in the place of the question mark(?) in the following questions?

Question 130


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