SBI Clerk 22/11/2009


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which of the following trophies/cups is not associated with the game of Football ?

Question 2

The Govt of India is planning to provide an identity card to each other of its citizen with his/her personal details and identify marks.Which of the following agencies/organization is going to implement this huge task ?

Question 3

Who amongst the following is the present speaker of the Lok Sabha ?

Question 4

The Indo Gulf Conference on Current Economic Scenario,was organized a few months back in ____

Question 5

Which of the following organizations/agencies has sanctioned a loan of US $ 225 Million to India to renovate and modernize its power plants at various places ?

Question 6

Indian Govt has decided to upgrade its fleet of transport aircraft AN-32.This upgradation will be done by which of the following countries ?

Question 7

Michael Jackson who died a few months back was a famous____

Question 8

As per the reports in various newspaper the Govt. has allowed 2200 different types of items to come to India from Singapore as Duty Free imports This is being done under which of the following agreements with Singapore ?

Question 9

Oil and Natural Gas Commission Videsh Ltd.(OVL) is planning to invest US $ 5 billion in production of gas from “Farsi Blocks of Gas Deposits”. The Farsi Blocks are located in_____

Question 10

The Govt.of India recently signed an agreement with Govt.of Bahrain so that Indian workers going there are well protected Indians go to Bahrain mainly to work as_____

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