RRB NTPC 27 April 2016 - Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 81

If in a certain language, TOGGLE is coded as OTGGEL, how is KEPLER coded in that code?

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Question 82

Read the statement and select a conclusion out of the given alternatives.
Statement. Movies convince viewers that the likelihood of their becoming the victim of a violent crime is extremely high; at the same time by their very nature, movies persuade viewers to passively accept whatever happens to them.

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Question 83

South West Monsoon generates in ..........

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Question 84

............ is the most electropositive and ......... is most electronegative element of the third period of modern periodic table.

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Question 85

If 22, x, 88 are in a continued proportion, find the value of x.

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Question 86

Rajat is the brother of Sanjay and Mamsh is the father of Rajat. Jay is the brother of Shreya and Shreya is the daughter of Sanjay. Who is the uncle of Jay?

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Question 87

P is the brother of Q. Q is the brother of R. P is the son of S. Based an these three statements, much of the following statements cannot be definitely true?

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Study the figure carefully and answer the questions that follow:
In the following figure the circle stands for unemployed, the smaller rectangle stands for lazy, the triangle stands for urban and the larger rectangle stands for foolish.

Question 88

The number of non-urban, unemployed people who are neither foolish nor lazy are

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Question 89

The number of non-urban, unemployed, lazy and foolish people are

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Question 90

The number of Unemployed, lazy, urban and foolish people are

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