RRB NTPC 27 April 2016 - Shift 1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

What is the local name given to the parliament of Pakistan?

Question 92

Which state of India has the largest number of cotton mills?

Question 93

Find the maximum area of a rectangular field which is surrounded by a rope of 100 meters?

Question 94

On the basis of Memory size & performance, which type of computer is known as "Big iron"?

Question 95

If 90% of A = 30% of B and B= x% of A, find x.

Question 96

Which of the following fractions is largest?

Question 97

The Value of $$sin 60$$ is:

Question 98

Which of the following hormone is not secreted by Pituitary gland?

Question 99

A, B and C are employed to complete a work in Rs. 784. If A and B together complete 23/28 of the work Calculate the wages (in Rs.) paid to C?

Question 100

Find the value of $$200 \times 20 \times 2 \times 0.2 \times 0.02 \times 0.002$$=?

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