RRB Group-D 3 Oct 2018-shift -2


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 91

During which of the following types of reproduction do the fully matured tiny individuals detach from the parent body and become new independent individuals?

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Question 92

If Raja is facing East and then turns 270° clockwise and then 90° anti-clockwise, in which direction is he facing now?

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Question 93

Hydra, starfish, planaria undergo:

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Question 94

If 25, 35 and p are in continued proportion, then the value of p is ...........

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Question 95

The LCM of two natural numbers is 432. Which of the followina can be their HCF?

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Question 96

Mr. A starts a business with an investment of ₹ 28.000. Mr. B joins the business after 5 months. After 2 more months Mr. C joins. If the ratio of their profit after one year is 4:2:3, then find out the investments made by Mr. B and Mr. C in rupees?

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Question 97

The bonds formed by the elements having larger atoms are:

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Question 98

Which of the following. arguments is stone?
Indian professionals working abroad should be called back to India.
1. Yes, one must serve their motherland first and forget about earnings.
2. No, India has enough talented professionals.

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Question 99

Pick the figure that will complete the given series.

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Question 100

Which of the following is/are true/false about the speed of sound in different media at 25°C ?
A. In oxygen gas the speed of sound is 316 m/s.
B. In water (distilled), the speed of sound is 1498 m/s

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