RRB ALP 30th Aug 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

The state of matter can be changed into another state by changing the:

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Question 2

Select the option that can replace the ? symbol in the following figure.

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Question 3

The Kochi-Muziris Biennale held in Kochi, Kerala is an exhibition of which of the following?

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Question 4

The chemical formula of Sodium Carbonate is:

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Question 5

Consider the given statement to be true and decide which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the statements.
Public smoking has increased in the current year.
1. Government should ban public smoking.
2. Government should create awareness about ill effects of public smoking.

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Question 6

Ina certain code, if ZIGZAGGING is written as AZGIZGNIGG, then how will BLIZZARDLY be written as in the same code?

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Question 7

The Charter of Liberties — popularly known as ‘The MagnaCarta’ — was signed in
England in which year?

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Question 8

Which of the given Answer Figures depicts the correct water image of the given Problem Figure?

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Question 9

What would be the smaller of the two angles formed by the hour hand and the minute hand at 4 : 52 p.m.?

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Question 10

Vistara airline is a joint venture between Tata Sons and which international airlines?

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