RRB ALP 30th Aug 2018 Shift-1


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

The value of k, for which the quadratic equation $$ 4x^{2} + 4 \sqrt{3x} + k = 0 $$ has equal roots is:

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Question 72

15 years ago Cynthia was thrice as old as Brittany. The sum of their present ages is 94 years. How old is Brittany now?

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Question 73

By selling a used phone for ₹ 6,160 Rajan got 44% less than what it cost him to buy it a few years ago. At what price should Rajan have been able to sell it to make a profit of 5%?

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Question 74

Which of the following characters is recessive in a pea plant?

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Question 75

Who is the Chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India as of February 2018?

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