RBI Grade B 2007


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 1

Which of the following statement(s) is/are True about the Union Budget 2007-2008 presented
in the Lok Sabha recently ?
(A) Slight change in rates of direct taxes.
(B) Basic exemption limit raised to Rs. 1, 10,000
(C) Education Cess increased from 3% to 4%.

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Question 2

Which of the following committees has recommended that a part of foreign exchange reserves should be used for infrastructural development ?

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Question 3

As per the news in the leading newspapers Government of India is in process of the establishment of `SROs' for various market participants in the capital market. What is the full form of 'SROs' ?

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Question 4

Who amongst the following is going to issue 'Rural Bonds' of Rs.5,000 crores in days to come?

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Question 5

Which of the following countries has recently got entry in the top 20 Wealth Markets of the World ? (It is placed at 20th rank)

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Question 6

The Government of India has recently appointed a committee to review Forward Trading of Agro-product. Who amongst the following is the Chairman of the Committee ?

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Question 7

The Aero India Show 2007 was organized in February 2007 in

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Question 8

Who amongst the following is the author of the book "The Algebra of Infinite Justice" ?

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Question 9

One of the significant decisions taken in the ASEAN Summit held in Cebu (Phillippines) recently was to expedite the process of establishment of the ASEAN Community by the year

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Question 10

Which of the following diseases is caused by the deficiency of Iron in human body '?

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