RBI Grade B 2007


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 21

Many a times we read a term MSS in relation to banking transactions. What is the full form of MSS ?

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Question 22

Lot of western countries are these days attracted towards Asian countries and are entering into
more and more business/trade agreements with them. Which of the following is/are the main
factor(s) for the same ?
(A) Huge untapped market.
(B) Availability of knowledge based human capital.
(C) Huge amount of capital parked idle.
(D) Saturation of Western market,

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Question 23

Who amongst the following is the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India presently ?

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Question 24

With which of the following countries did India ban trade in arms, besides exchange of equipment
and technology that can contribute to nuclear programmes with North Korea and Iran in April 2007 ?

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Question 25

The navies of the United States and India and Japan's Maritime Self-Defence held the first joint
military drill in the Pacific Ocean in 2007. Where was this carried out ?

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Question 26

The African country in which Indian communities were targeted, in 2007, by people for demoonstrating against a government plan to cut down forest reserve, is

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Question 27

The Union Commerce and Industry Minister, Kamalnath released the annual ment to the Foreign Trade Policy
(2004-2009) in Ne in 2007. The measure would help maintain a cumulative annual growth rate of ____ in the past three years

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Question 28

According to the Wor report, "From Compe Home to Competing A case study of India culture, released on India's share in global of vegetables is

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Question 29

As a part of the Government's focus on development of the North East Region, the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) announced an ambitious "Assam Renewal Project" package in 2007. The package entails an investment of Rs.

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Question 30

The Union Government in 2007 reduced the customs duty on crude and refined palm oil by percentage points to check rising prices of these edible oils and contain inflation.

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