What should come in place of the question mark (?) in the following question ?

Question 61

6389-1212-2828= ?

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Question 62


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Question 63

$$526\times12+188=50\times ?$$

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Question 64


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Question 65


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Study the following Pie Graph carefully and answer the questions given below:

The pie chart given below represents the budget estimated by a family for their monthly expenses. The total salary is Rs. 32,000 per month

Question 66

What is the budget estimated by the family on Clothing and Grocery together ?

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Question 67

Due to a sudden marriage, the family incurs Miscellaneous expenditure of Rs. 3,040/- in total. How much is the increase in the amount under this head from that of the budgeted?

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Question 68

The family actually paid Rs. 4,672 on Grocery. What is the difference in the amount budgeted and spent on Grocery ?

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Question 69

What is the difference in the amount estimated by the family on Electricity and cell bill ?

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Question 70

The family saved Rs. 1,920 on their Electricity Bill, as it was less than the estimated budget. What is the percentage of Electricity Bill amount of the total salary ?

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