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For the following questions answer them individually

Question 61

In a class, the average weight of 40 boys is 65 kg and that of 50 girls is 60 kg. After a few days, 40% of the girls and 50% of the boys leave. What would be the new average weight of the class (in kg)? Assume that the average weight of the boys and the girls remains constant throughout.


In each of the following questions, two equations numbered I and II are given. You have to solve both the equations and select the appropriate option.
Give answer If
a: x > y
b: x ≤ y
c: x ≥ y
d: x < y
e: Relationship between x and y cannot be established

Question 62

I.$$x^{2}-x-12= 0$$
II. $$y^{2}+4y+4=0$$

Question 63

I. $$2x^{2}-15x+27=0$$
II. $$2y^{2}-23y+63=0$$

Question 64

I. $$x^{2}+11x+28=0$$
II. $$5y^{2}+27y+28=0$$

Question 65


Question 66

I.  $$3x^{2}+16x+21=0$$
II. $$2y^{2}+15y+25=0$$


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 67

At its usual speed, a train of length L metres crosses platform 300 metre long in 25 seconds. At 50% of its usual speed, the train crosses a vertical pole in 20 seconds. What is the value of L?

Question 68

Jar A has 36 litres of mixture of milk and water in the respective ratio of 5 : 4. Jar B which had 20 litres of mixture of milk and water, was emptied into jar A, and as a result in jar A, the respective ratio of milk and water becomes 5: 3. What was the quantity of water in jar B?

Question 69

Three years ago, the respective ratio between A’s age at that time and B’s age at that time was 9 : 5. If A’s age two years hence will be 17 years more than B’s age five years hence, what is B’s present age?


Refer to the pie chart carefully and answer the given questions:

Percentage of bags available In different stores in November, 2011
Total number of bags available in all the stores together is 800:

Question 70

In November,$$ {1 \over {12}} $$of the available bags in store Q remained unsold and $${3 \over {16}}$$ of the available bags in store T remained unsold. How many bags were sold by stores Q and T together in November?

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