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What Our Students Say

I can say the classroom videos are exhaustive in concept coverage and an array of question types. Have had personal interactions with the founders, and found them very transparent and open to suggestion.

Sohum Sen

The video lessons are exactly on point because of which I was able to grasp enough concept in the minimum possible time. The questions in the practice sessions are also of good quality.

Vishwak M

I have enrolled for complete cracku for my preparation and used videos to learn and improve concepts. I got a good question bank to practice on cracku, which helped in strengthening my concepts and small topic videos presented the concepts effectively. The mocks and sectional provided helped me to improve my performance further.

Gaurav Gupta

Videos really helped in my preparation.

Tarun Dogra

The study room helped me in strengthening each topic.

Somashekar A C

The mocks of Cracku are very good and my personal favourite mock test series. Also, the topic tests are very good.

Kaushik Gaikwad

Cracku provided me with the required materials for the exam.

Gautam Goyal

Cracku provided me with valuable insight into the structure of the CAT 2019 exam, and its numerous mock tests were crucial to my performance in the actual exam. It provided a useful crash course that let me prepare for the exam in a brief period.

Pramay Rai

The app is very user-friendly and the tests and problems really helped.

Asim Mehta

The quality of questions in Quants is TOTALLY OFF THE CHARTS!! I cannot see any way that a Cracku student shall not do well in quants. DILR sectionals were awesome as well.

Aman Giri

It helped me with basics.

Ankit Gupta

cracku was a great help while preparing for CAT as I could practice a plethora of questions on various topics which made me foolproof for the D-day.

Deepak Kumar

Helped me a lot.

Rishabh Baid

Primarily, Cracku covers a wide range of topics which are generally neglected by other institutes & major publications. The flow of Video lectures is very helpful.

Sai Krishna VVH

Cracku has very high quality mocks as well as sectional tests which covers all the area in CAT syllabus. The classroom videos, along with the concept videos, are so well planned that it makes learning great fun, and also makes it simple and easy to implement the concepts in the test.

vishal singh

Cracku helped me to understand the concepts of Quant and the way to approach LR questions.

Bismitha Sulthana

The classes taken by Sayali ma'am was the best. It not only helps you in getting your concepts clear, but the examples solved along makes you learn how to do it efficiently. The type of questions covered in LR/DI helped a lot in reducing the types of questions that can come in exams.


Amazing question bank for all the sections.

Althaf A

Cracku played a very important role in my CAT journey, particularly in the form of mocks. Cracku's mocks were pretty coherent with the current CAT pattern, especially the VARC section. It made sure that I don't crumble under extreme exam pressure because i had an idea of the toughness beforehand. Thanks a lot, Cracku

Vipraw Srivastava

Good lectures and questions

Ravi Kartikey

The test series and practice tests were my favorite in Cracku, and the ability to use them seamlessly on my phone helped me make the best use of my office commute time, waiting time in cafeterias in the most productive way I could imagine. Also, the mock test analysis helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses.

SreeRag Nair

Helped in clearing the basic concepts and good source for the study material.

Chaitanya Rsk

The mock tests helped me understand the structure of the exam and practice my time management skills.

Sanya Goyal

Test UI is exactly similar to the actual CAT, and the quality of content is very good.

Sai Teja Repalle

It is one of the best mock CAT series

Sai kota

As a working professional I was not in a position to attend offline coaching classes. I joined Cracku, to get basics correct. I didn't join for mock test series, but I used to watch the videos, especially QA. It improved my grasp on the subject. That helps you in long run.

varsha vinod

Lectures on CrackU helped me building fundamentals and questions and practice test gave me direction and a constant motivation for the CAT

Nitesh Prakash Mishra

Cracku's online course was very helpful for my CAT prep. I scored 98.53 percentile in CAT 2019. My basic concepts were thoroughly cleared. Mock tests practice questions level was same to that in CAT.

Aparna Nayyar

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