SBI PO 21 June 2014


In the following table, the number of candidates appeared and qualified for different posts in an institute during various years has been given. Read the table carefully and answer the questions.

Question 91

What approximate percentage of candidates qualified for the post of A in the year 2003?

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Question 92

The respective ratio between the number of candidates who qualified for the posts of A and D in the year 2002 is

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Question 93

In which year maximum number of candidates were selected for the post of A?

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Question 94

In which year minimum number of candidates qualified for the post of F ?

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Question 95

The average number of candidates who qualified for all the posts in the year 2004 is

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Study the pie-charts carefully to answer the following questions.

Percentages of students enrolled in different activities in a school


Percentage break-up of girls enrolled in these activities out of the total students


Question 96

Number of girls enrolled in Dancing form what per cent of total number of students in the school ? (rounded off to two digits after decimal)

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Question 97

How many boys are enrolled in Singing and Craft together ?

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Question 98

What is the respective ratio of number of girls enrolled in Swimming to the number of boys enrolled in Swimming ?

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Question 99

What is the total number of girls enrolled in Swimming and Drawing together ?

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Question 100

What is the approximate percentage of boys in the school ?

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