SBI PO 2003


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 71

Which of the following is the big ambitious scheme aimed to provide drinking water to all villages in India by 2004 recently launched by the Prime Minister ?

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Question 72

To climinate exploitation of child labour in carpet industry in India some social labelling programmes are being conducted. Which of the following is NOT the name of one such programme ?

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Question 73

Arjun Atwal won the prestigious Carlsberg Malayasia Open Tournament held recently. The tournament is organised for--

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Question 74

Brushing aside official estimates of 4.4 per cent GDP growth during 2002-03 the ICRA estimates that the growth will be--

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Question 75

As reported in a section of the press a deadly strain of which of the following diseases is spreading very fast these days in some parts of the western countries, and is considered to have originated from Asian country ?

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Question 76

‘Where satellites aren’t used to predict the weather, study earthquake, broadcast news or entertain the world, they are used to take care of your investments. Welcome to the new….’’ Which of the following organisations uses the above caption for its media campaigning ?

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Question 77

In which of the following films made in Chhattisgarhi dialect did the Chief Minister of the state Ajit Jogi also make a brief appearance ?

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Question 78

Which of the following organisations/institutes got the ‘’Gandhi Peace Prize for 2002’’, given for spreading the message of the Mahatma throughout the world ?

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Question 79

Which of the following statements about the recent elections of the ‘’Sahitya Akademi’ is True ?
I. Dr. Gopichand Narang got elected as the President of the Akademi.
II. Mahashweta Devi is the new Vice-President of the Akademi.
III. This is for the first time in the history of the Akademi that an election is fought for the presidentship of the Akademi.

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Question 80

Which of the following organisations earlier working under the administrative control of the ‘Department of personnel of the Central Government’ will now be under the direct control of the Prime Minister’s office ?

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