SBI PO 2003


For the following questions answer them individually

Question 51

Recently India observed 9th January, 2003 as ‘Pravasi Bhartiya Divas’. What is the significance of the 9th January owing to which it was selected as the data for the same ?

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Question 52

Which of the following statements correctly reflects the decision taken by the Reserve Bank of India pertaining to the number of branches of a foreign bank in India ?
I. The foreign banks are asked to restrict the number of their branches upto ten only. They have to shut down their branches in excess to this number.
II. The foreign banks are asked not to close their branches without informing the RBI well in advance.
III. Foreign banks are required to submit a well chalked out plan of their shutdowns, if any, to RBI for approval.

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Question 53

Which of the following represents the half-yearly cumulative fiscal deficit of the Government of India as reported at the end of December 2002? (Approximately in percentage)

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Question 54

The SBI recently launched its new product, ‘SBI Cash Plus.’ Which of the following is True about the product ?
I: It is Credit Card with its tie up with Visa Card International
II: It in fact is a debit card for which it has a tie up arrangement with Master Card International
III: SBI Cash plus will allow customers to access their deposit accounts from ATMs and also from Merchant Establishments.

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Question 55

Who amongst the following is the author of the book ‘Bush’s Brain’ published recently ?

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Question 56

Which of the following is the new scheme launched by the Life Insurance Corporation’ recently exclusively for the women ?

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Question 57

The Government of India has set up Price Stabilisation Fund for four commodities. Which of the following is NOT covered by the scheme ?

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Question 58

The news channels in India are now allowed how much foreign equity for uplinking?

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Question 59

The ‘Biological Diversity Bill’ will presented in both the Houses of the parliament got approval and is very near to becoming an Act. Which of the following is/are not the part of the bill mentioned above ?
I. The bill is a follow up of the UN convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to which India is a party
II. Bill has several preventive clauses but not penal action can be taken against any one who is involved in biopiracy.
III. Bill provides for the provision of setting up a National Biodiversity Authority (NBA) as an apex body.

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Question 60

As appeared in section of print media the Iraq crisis may see Indian Tea Companies miss their export targets. Which of the following statement reflect the status of Iraq as far as the export of tea is concerned ?
I. Iraq has emerged as an important market for Indian tea.
II. About 40% of the total tea export from India was exported to Iraq only in the year 2001-02.
III. Last year (2001-02) Iraq imported around 14.5 Million Kg. of tea from India alone.

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